Sunday, August 28, 2011

Hawaii Five-O (50)~

How many of you are old enough to remember
Hawaii Five O on tv?
I don't think I really ever watched but
can remember it being on and the theme song was great!
I think I can remember doing a routine to it 
when I was in the band at some point.

Anyway, when I began thinking about Scott's 50th BD
that theme song came to mind
and I decided a Hawaii Five O/Luau theme 
for his party would be so fun.
Savannah found all the decor 75% off @ Party City. :)

The best gift of all was being surrounded
by his beautiful children and family~

Susan brought her famous 'Susan cookies'
and the girls were SO excited~ they LOVE them. :)

Two littles were SO happy to celebrate their daddy's bd
and help open cards/gifts.
SJ loved the new shirt Scott got and even wore it around
calling herself the 'real' Scott. 

Tuesday is his "Real" birthday
 and he will be in the Half Century club~
50 never looked SO young!
We've heard it's the new 30. :)
It's sort of our Halftime and looking forward to the next 50.
Praying God's richest blessing on my amazing 50 year old husband~
I love you more than I will ever be able to say!!!
Happy birthday sweetheart!


  1. What a fun party! Happy birthday to your handsome hubby! He makes 50 look sooooo young!

  2. enjoy celebrating an obviously very special man!


  3. Hope 50 brings amazing things your husbands way!

  4. Happy 50th to your hubby....Hank and I aren't that far behind him:)Sure hope it is the new 30!!!:)

  5. Happy Birthday to Scott...he looks fabulous. Ron is right behind him! Yes, the new 30! Love it!

    I'm finally catching back up...I have missed your amazing family. I love your new look.

    My dear friend arrived this month from Germany with her oh so cute camera strap looking very nice I might add. She loves it! She also sports quite the serious zoom lens. I can't get the lens but I am going ot order another strap for me.

    God's Blessings--