Saturday, August 27, 2011

Friday Night Lights~

Friday nights are a big deal in our small town...
we all meet together in Herndon stadium
on the same side, up in the stands
to yell, scream, and cheer for our Hart Co Bulldogs~

Watch our favorite cheer leader~

And the band.

It was all the more wonderful because
Amelia came home from college~

Josh and Savannah home from Atlanta~

All the chicks home for the weekend~ Sweet...

The littles were SO excited for the ballgame~

and EK was SO happy to see Rachel there~

I'd say it was a GREAT Friday night under the lights.
PS. The Bulldogs won and all was well in our sweet hometown. :)

PSS. I made the shirts the girls are wearing~
with the help of my sweet friend Lyn,
I figured out my sewing machine can applique...
and then how to make these adorable shirts~
can I just say, it was SO fun and I may just have a new addiction.
(Maybe even a new fundraiser idea. :)


  1. So glad you are enjoying your chicks. I'm chicken sitting this weekend... a whole other kind of chicks. Those shirts are so cute! If you love to do it, I think it's a fabulous fundraising idea. In fact, it's nuts around here right now, but maybe I could special order something... I'll send you a note later.

  2. Such a beautiful family you have. Everyone looks so happy to be together. Sounds like a perfect Friday night! Cool shirts you made the girls.....I would love to learn how to do that although my sewing machine doesn't have that feature.


  3. Ahhhh is all I can say to have all the kiddos together!! Looks like a wonderful night!!

  4. Please do a fundraiser!! Love the shirts!!

  5. So nice that everyone was home for the night. Looks like perfect game weather, too.

    I looove the majorettes' outfits! Orange just happens to be my favorite color and I was a baton twirler myself.


  6. LOVE the shirts!! Live the family evening under the lights! I can't believe they shaved Will's head!

  7. All your chicks together...the best! I'll say it again..your girls are so beautiful. Good job on the shirts!

  8. What a fun night for everyone. I love the little girls' appliqued shirts, too. What model is your sewing machine?! How fun, fun, fun!!! I'm still working on some fundraising ideas of my own... busy sewing and creating here, too. Can't wait until I have some inventory and can start selling something... the sooner I start, the sooner we can start our next adoption journey! In HIS timing, of course!! God bless and I can't wait to see what else your creative self designs! :)