Thursday, August 4, 2011

BD Prep is Under Way~

SJ and I took a little trip today
to gather her birthday supplies and surprises. :)
It was so surreal to ride by EK's school
and know she was in there spending her day.

When we got home with the 'stuff''~
(Some for SJ's party this weekend and some for Rosie's Sweet 16 party next weekend!)
Party Central around here!!!
Amelia began working on details...

She wrote names on buckets~

and wrapped presents~
with the help from two littles~

Tomorrow we will make the cupcakes~
and finish many more details
getting ready for the Little Mermaid party on Saturday.
SJ can barely wait!!! 
She has two main questions these days~
*Can we go get EK right now?
*Is it almost my birthday party?

Saturday there will be no need for either one~
EK will be home 
(as a matter of fact ALL the chicks/Josh will be in the nest) 
and we will be celebrating SJ's
very first birthday since coming home.
Whoo hoo!!!


  1. Fun! Can't believe how big the girls look.

  2. Her very first birthday since coming home? How awesome...have a wonderful birthday weekend.

  3. Can't wait till the Little Mermaid party! We love Ariel at our house! What are you putting in the buckets?

  4. Looks like things are coming right along! I am working on Meisyn't mermaid party for Saturday as we speak!! Can't wait to see the joy and excitement on SJ's face Saturday!

  5. What fun! We love cupcakes parties here too.
    Amelia seems like an amazing big sister, so special!

  6. Briana is having her birthday party this Saturday too! August is great for birthday girls. :D I hope she has a wonderful time!

  7. My oldest will turn 12 the end of this month & my little will turn 4 mid-Sept. Bday party planning is so much fun!!

  8. Oh I can't wait to see pics from her 1st party... I love that she is so excited!! Madeline started planning her January party in September, so very cute:)
    Hoping you are adjusting to Kindergarten:) I can so vividly remember the first week of kindergarten with each of my children..such a big event in their and our lives!

  9. It's hard to believe that this is the same solemn faced girl who cried last year at her birthday party is China. What a difference a year makes! ~Lindy

  10. Oh I can't wait to see the Little Mermaid's party pictures!! I'm not sure I've commented here before, I love your blog =)

  11. Looking forward to seeing the party photos! Could you please tell me where you got that cute cupcake wrapping paper? My daughter would love it! Thanks, Cathy

  12. Love the party favors! Looks like fun ... does SJ have an August 6th bday too like me?! I opted for cake-balls rather than cupcakes ... but her party looks way-"funner" (heehee)
    Hope it is memorable!