Wednesday, August 17, 2011

After School~

SJ looks forward to picking EK and Rosie up every day...
but EK has had a hard time transitioning home
after a long day at school.
She has no desire to answer any questions or talk to either of us
(she actually sits silent and eats the rest of her lunch) LOL.
SJ is a pretty good sport and talks to EK anyway. :)
Yesterday I was a little fed up with the attitude
and gave her a little talking to as well as upped her bedtime~ 7pm.
I jokingly said if she didn't come home a little happier,
she might not get to go back. (Bad momma!)

WELL today she was a totally different girl when we picked her up.
She was SO excited to tell me she chose a book from the library
and other things about her day.

I'm trying to decide if it was a fluke 
OR my inspirational talk worked
OR the extra 30 minutes totaling a whole 12 hours of sleep
made the difference...
I'm thinking the sleep was it!!! 

As soon as the girls came in,
they went straight to the sunroom to start playing together~

I mentioned to EK since she was in such a better mood,
she could work on the computer while I made dinner~
SJ loved watching so she can work tomorrow~

I started writing EK a letter in a Talk to Me Journal yesterday.
She was so excited to come home today to read what I had written.
I am using some lessons from Morning Message
and giving EK a way to work on reading and writing
for a reason each afternoon.
Sometime the first week of school
I asked her if she LOVED school or liked it~
She liked it.
Tonight as I was making dinner
she spoke up and announced~
Mom, I LOVE school now!!!
Enough said~
Thank you Mrs. Gurley and Mrs. Strange
for giving my sweet EK a wonderful K experience!!!


  1. You are such an amazing mother to your girls. The love and devotion you show is heartwarming. Your two little ones look so adorable at the computer. So glad EK is loving school now.

  2. your post lighten my day! I love these two together so cute!


  3. Well, I like to think it was the talk, since it sounds like something I would've done! LOL!! ;)

    CUTE stuff. I love your stories about these two and seeing photos of them together. I can't believe how grown up EK is looking... must be the new little 'school girl' in her!! :)

    Blessings and Hugs,
    ~ Tanya

  4. Two thumb up on providing reading and writing with a purpose!! Makes this reading specialist smile!!!

    Glad EK was better today:) Just precious!


  5. The journal is a great idea. I love the pic of the two of them at the computer, and her bun is ADORABLE! And that whole not talking after school thing and your talk.....sounds like something straight from my house. I hope it lasts!

  6. I love reading your posts everyday! Thank you for sharing! Poor Aiden is exhausted and we have seen several tears in the past few days. Do you think Jeff would let Aiden skip football tonight so he could get to bed at a decent time? Sigh.

  7. Bri talks up a storm after school and seems to be really enjoying it, but I am getting a little bit of that cranky attitude in the afternoons. There is no doubt the longer days are catching up with Miss B too! Earlier bedtimes are definitely making a difference! :D

  8. love your sunroom...looks so fun! Our school room is upstairs in a nook without windows, so we don't 'do' many activities there, but it's a great place to store and organize "our school stuff". It would be much more fun in a sun room...hmmmm maybe we should enclose our back porch...LOL Sounds like a project!

  9. What is talk journal? I am sure extra sleep helped. My boys have been a little grumpy too.

  10. I think that kids in K and 1 often need a nap right around the time that they are wrapping up their day:) Glad whatever was going on has passed.