Monday, July 18, 2011

Two Weeks From Today~

things will never be the same.
EK will start to Kindergarten and she is SO excited~

Me... not so ready at all BUT
I have to take my eyes off myself and put them on EK.
She is going to love every minute.
Academically she is SO ready
and being 6 already will help her socially and emotionally!
It is all so easy to SAY but SO hard to let go!!!
I haven't been away from her hardly at all
 since EK Day 5 years ago.

And there's this little one
who hasn't spent a whole day away from her sister
the 10 months she has been home~
she is SO connected to EK.
Who is going to dress her up like this?
Yes... I will and we will be so excited when 2:30 comes
and we can pick up EK to hear about her
first amazing day of Kindergarten~
that's what I'm praying for anyway!!!

Then before you know it,
we will be off to get this precious baby~
(newest photo from Sara).
SO much to be thankful for!!!


  1. I will be thinking of you! Bri starts Kindergarten on August 3. I hope I make it through the day. I am sure there will be tears. From me, not from Bri. LOL!

  2. What a big day for EK (and you & SJ)! You've planted & tended those precious roots, and now it's time to give her wings. Reminds me why I really want our preschool efforts to be successful; I'm so not ready to send my little one off to school yet. Still working on those roots! ~Jackie

  3. Wow, in 2 weeks!? Well, she certainly will be stylin :) I love EKs new backpack and lunchbox! It's going to be a great year for both of our kindergarteners!

  4. Sweet pictures!! Abby picked out the exact same bookbag & lunchbox! :) EK will love Kindergarten and have a great year making new friends!! Wish I could say that Abby's excited about going back to school...she has really enjoyed staying up later & sleeping in this summer!

  5. oh kindergarten, I am not ready either and I have another year:) She is going to do great!! Summer just goes by too fast doesn't it???

  6. How awesome for Ella! She will love Kindergarten! I am feeling your pain - I do not like to let my children grow up :( You will get a couple of months of one on one time with Jingy - and that will be awesome! I'm guessing she is going to really miss EK!

    Your EllaKate is cuter than cute - what an amazing milestone for her!

    xo ellie

  7. I got my camera strap! Thank you thank you! Your girls are beautiful!

  8. EK will be fabulous at kindergarten!! Love SJ's jewels - what beauties! oh and sweet Will - can't wait for him to come home!!

  9. It's wonderful that Ella is so excited about school. I think it will be nice for JingJing to have some alone time with her mama before Will arrives. SJ looks more confident now, like some kind of corner has been turned. I'm so hoping that she and Will will "click."

  10. you start back so early where you are!


  11. So sorry! I am behind! What a sweet post! Kindergarten is soooo bittersweet at our house too!

    I have a Kindergarten 101 post ready for tomorrow! Kamree starts in four weeks! I know she is ready, but I am not!

  12. She's going to do GREAT! And I know she's going to love K and coming home each day to tell you all about it!