Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Sweet Will~

Just got word this morning that we LID (Log In Date)
in China yesterday, July 13.
Thinking that will make us traveling in November
and home just in time for the holidays!!! YAY!!!

The last couple of days
I have received photos from friends on FB
of 'sweet Will'.

Yesterday Sara sent some of him
working on a monkey sheet at preschool~
funny that he's acting like a monkey. :)
Take a look at this cute hair
because today I got pics of hair cutting day~
I'm pretty sure it is short...
look at the bottom pic.
He seems happy about it though!
If we are friends on FB,
you can go to my wall and see him in a video
at the 41st second. :)
Can not figure out how to get video off FB.


  1. He is precious!! I'm so excited for you! I couldn't figure out how to get a video of FB either! The only way is for that person to send it to you, I guess. I was trying to get a video of William and never figured it out. If you find out, please let me know. Thanks!

  2. You are going to have soooo much fun with your handsome little guy! I love, love, love his hair! I bet you can't wait to get your hands on him!

    Also, I forgot to tell you that I made it through your entire life book yesterday and you did an amazing job! I can't believe how many pictures you packed into one book! I enjoyed reading it too! What a precious gift you have given to your entire family!

  3. Our son just looooved having his hair cut with a razor. He would sit up proudly and smile when he saw it. The scissors were not welcome at all, though.

    Here is a link to directions for downloading the video. I haven't done it, so I can't guarantee they'll work, but it's worth a try:


  4. YAY! How exciting you will have Will home for the holidays - you must be giddy!

    Can't wait to see you tomorrow :)

    xo ellie

  5. So sweet!! His pictures are adorable!! It's wonderful that you may travel before the end of the year!! We expect to travel in 2012...sigh~

  6. he looks like the happiest little sprite!

  7. Yay ~ LID!! Gotta love those three letters! I love that he will be home with you in time for the holidays... the best gift for sure!!!

    It's so neat seeing all of these photos of him ~ we were blessed with so many, having Khloe at NewDay, too... it really does help with the wait!


  8. Awww, such a cutie pie! I love the pictures of him getting a haircut. Wonder what it looks like now? That's great to hear about when you'll probably be traveling! How fun!