Tuesday, July 12, 2011

SJ's Life Book~

Many of you remember the day I posted
when I had lost ALL my photos due to a bad external HD.
After many tears and begging~
I was able to recover everything through Data Recovery.

I had not made SJ a Life Book yet
and was MORE than thankful to have another chance!!!

Over the past month,
I made it a priority to work on this special project...
mainly because I had a Shutterfly coupon, a $20 groupon code,
 and a $30 credit plus free shipping.
I always feel guilty for spending money on extra items
when we are desperately raising money for China
BUT... this had to be done and I had discounts.

The process was extremely tedious up front
because I had to weed through 25Gs of photos/video
to pick the best.
Then take each photo through PSE9 to process
and then drop into Shutterfly.
After that it was pretty easy...
choosing page setup, dragging photos to their spot,
and journaling.

If you would like to view SJ's book,
I have set up a Share Site on Shutterfly 
and you just click the link below...
password~ eccl311.

I want to say this may not look like a 'true' Life Book
to some, but to me it tells the story as SJ needs to hear now
and later as she grows, I will answer questions she may have.
I left a few blank pages at the end to record
photos and stories of SJ Days to come.
I can already say this book is dearly loved
and will be cherished always by my sweet
ShayleeJoy JingJing Ankerich. :)


  1. I love it, so very special!! I just finally put all our photos in an album for Madeline and AM going to make her a book!!! Please make me do it!!:)

  2. You are such a sweet mama. She will cherish this book forever! I am headed over to look at it now.

  3. What a beautiful book! It is a treasure she will love forever!

  4. The book will be treasured for years by SJ! I tried to view the pics but it kept saying "password incorrect". :(

  5. Love the book for SJ! I wouldn't have been able to wait to give it to her either. She'll cherish that forever!

  6. Came back to say I was able to login! I was entering the ecc1311 instead of eccl311! 0_o

  7. I am SO glad you were able to recover all of your photos and have this second chance. I, too, have learned to back up the photos and save them onto discs after all of the computer troubles we have had. Not fun!

    But what IS fun is that adorable book you made for SJ! I still need to make one for Khloe, so hopefully this will help motivate me!! ;)

    Beautiful work... I know she will treasure that book her life through!!