Sunday, July 3, 2011

Our Children~

This has been the best weekend
because all the Chicks have been in the nest +1. :)
I have lots of pics to share
but will need some time to get a post ready.

For now,
I will share one I took today when we were out on the boat~

and another shared by Sara of Will~

This time next year,
I hope to have a pic of ALL of them together!!!

Update on Adoption~
Our dossier went to China on Friday, June 24
and we are waiting for our new Log In Date.
Would just love it to be tomorrow in honor of 
Savannah's 22nd birthday!!!


  1. Cute picture of the chicks +1! Hope you have a fun and relaxing 4th of July!

  2. Everyone looks so bronze & thin :-) love seeing all your kids together (except for sweet Will!) and what and gorgeous picture of him and his brown eyes!

  3. And YES! Tomorrow would do just fine for an LId, wouldn't it? Can you send a message to the CCCWA for me too?

  4. What an amazing picture of all your chicks! Happy 4th to you!!!