Thursday, July 7, 2011

Mr. Personality (says Annie)

Between Sara and Annie,
I am seeing all facets of Will's personality...
Happy boy~

Sad boy (a tear)~

Mischievous boy~

Sweet and Handsome boy~

and as Annie says~
Mr. Grumpy Pants...
When I was visiting Perry recently he had a major wardrobe malfunction with his shorts. :) They were falling down constantly and he'd come to me with a big ol' frowny grumpy face (totally fake, by the way) :). I'd hike them way back up until he looked like an old hick from the sticks and he would giggle really hard. 2 seconds later the shorts would be at his knees again and we'd repeat the whole process. Just a fun little window into this little guy's mega-personality! :)

All I can say is I sure do love Mr. Personality 
and can't wait to be the one he is resting his head on!!!


  1. Will is adorable! I can't wait for him to come to his forever home!

  2. Oh my goodness! What a crack up! I LOVE his fake grumpy face! He' sure going to stir up the party when he get home! What a blessing that you get all these photos and updates! How comforting that must be to you. The Lord is truly protecting him and loving him!