Thursday, July 28, 2011

It's Just What Adoptive Moms Do~

How can it be that some of my sweet friends
are ones that I have never even met?
We are friends through our blogs
and a red thread adoption connection.

Taken by EllaKate! :)

Let me tell you a story...
A long time ago while Savannah was in college,
she and her sorority sisters were out shopping for fabric
and ran into a lady with a daughter from China.
Savannah thought she looked so much like EK
and put us in contact with each other.
Neither of us thought that was weird...
it's just what adoptive moms do~ reach out to each other.

We had just accepted SJ's referral and learning as much as we could
about heart defects so she introduced me to Lyn.
Lyn would be traveling soon to Boston for her son's heart surgery
and we instantly became blog friends.

I prayed and checked on her while in Boston
(which turned out to be a very long stay).
She was also paper chasing for her precious Brooklyn!

She actually appliqued two matching outfits for the girls
to wear in China!

Once we were home with SJ and in the hospital for our heart surgery, the door to our room opened and in walked Lyn~
never met her in person, had no idea she was coming,
but OH SO thankful to see her.
Sitting in that room worrying over your sick baby
and in walks someone who knew what I was feeling!!!
God knew I needed her and He sent her!

We have both brought home new babies 
and kept in touch through it all.
Tuesday we met @ On the Border for lunch~

and it was a sweet time
catching up about life... new babies, new homes, Will,
and how very blessed we are!!!

Lyn will be blessing our auction with new appliqued shirts
and I am SO excited!!!
Thank you Lyn, for EVERYTHING!!!


  1. What a wonderful blessing!

  2. What a blessing! I love how God weaves us all together. And there's nothing like a kindred spirit!

  3. I love our bloggy world:) Can't wait to see the appliques and order some!!:)

  4. You have made two wonderful friends through the adoption world named Lyn(n)! Such a blessing!
    ~Lindy D.

  5. Bloggy (turn real life) friends are the best! What a sweet blessing she is to your family!

    P.S. Please let me know when her shirts are on your auction! Kamree must have one!

  6. The adoption bloggy world is an amazing place!

  7. Love all the girly girl outfits!! Of course, I am into that matching thing :) So glad for adoption friends and cant wait to meet you too ( In china!)