Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy 22nd BD to Savannah!

22 years ago on July 4th,
Scott and I got up very early for the Peachtree Road Race.

My back was hurting a little and didn't feel all that well.
We decided I would stay home and he would call as soon as he finished the race.
Not long after he left, I began having contractions...
and called my neighbor, Susan and we headed to the hospital.
Scott called me after the race
(back in the days of no cell phones- only pay phones)
and I didn't answer.
He called Susan's house and was told she had taken me to the hospital around 7:30am.
He panicked, jumped in his truck, and sped to me making it by 10:30.
He was just in time for my epidural and only a few hours of labor.
At 3:15pm I delivered the most beautiful baby girl:
Savannah Lee Ankerich.

Now she's happily married
and grown into a beautiful young woman.
Scott and I couldn't be prouder of her
and SO happy for her and Josh!!!
Celebrating all weekend and lots of pics coming~
Scott ran his 27th Peachtree Road Race this morning
and I couldn't be any prouder of him!!!
He ran it in 1hour and 9min~
and already almost back home.
Better get that grill fired up...
we're making steak and chicken kabobs!!!
Happy Fourth of July to everyone!!!


  1. Happy Birthday to your sweet gal!

    Congrats to Scott!

    Hope you are having a fabulous 4th of July! Can't wait for the scoop and pictures!

  2. Glad Scott made it back! I, too, went into labor with our first and Bill was gone (before cell phones!)

    Savannah has grown into a beautiful young woman!

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  4. awww! what a gorgeous baby girl. and you look like a baby too!

    sweet memories!

    xo ellie