This Ain't My First Rodeo~

Sunday, July 31, 2011

I sent Savannah to K in 1994~

Amelia in 1997~

Rosemary in 2001~
And all three were SO precious on their first days of K!!!

BUT it is still uncharted territory... Why?
I was always a teacher in their school each year
so I saw them all day and looked in on them.
I guess since I was there anyway,
it just felt great when they started school to be there too!

In 2006, the year of forever EllaKate,
I 'retired' from teaching knowing I could never leave her again
and my mom can attest to the fact there have very few times
she has been away from me.
She had no momma to hold her the first eleven months
of her life and there was no way she would feel that again.
SO to let her go tomorrow is excruciatingly difficult
BUT I know it is the right thing.

She is SO ready~
Academically, emotionally, and physically!
I really believe even more so than her older sisters.

As we were getting ready for bed,
I told EK I had a very special book~
 I wanted to read her about the night before going to K.
As I began to read, I started to wonder what I was thinking
to be reading this book to her~
how was I going to make it through without crying.
We acted out the part of putting the kiss in each of their hands
and I began to get a little choked up.
I began trying to swallow the tears but the more I tried
the more they fell.

Let me tell you something about EK
that I really have never shared because I didn't want anyone
to judge her or misunderstand~
She has never been one to see emotion in another person
and become emotional herself...
she cried when she is hurt or when she is angry
or overly tired but never because she saw someone else cry.

WELL... God blessed me big tonight...
for you see, in the midst of my tears, EK's eyes began to spill tears
and she raised her lips to mine and held a kiss to me for
a really long minute.
I could hardly believe what was happening.
I had just thought that's just the way EK is and so be it.
Tonight, I saw her heart open up and spill out.
And you guessed it, SJ started crying too. :)
We all layed down in the bed and EK said,
"Momma, we all have tears tonight."
and I said, "Yes, happy happy tears!"

SO you see, I received the blessing described in James 1:12,
Blessed is the man who remains steadfast under trial, for when he has stood the test he will receive the crown of life, which God has promised to those who love him.
I believe God allowed me this beautiful glimpse
into EK's heart just at this perfect time~
and that bring me back to the title of this blog... Eccl. 3:11~
He has made everything beautiful in its time. He has also set eternity in the human heart; yet no one can fathom what God has done from beginning to end.

Tomorrow morning when Scott and I walk EK
to her precious teacher~
she is going to be just fine.
Her heart is ready for new relationships and experiences
because she knows without a doubt in the world
her family (momma!) loves her beyond measure
and she is going to bloom into a beautiful butterfly!!!

A Carwash for Will~

Saturday, July 30, 2011

About 3 weeks ago,
Amelia sent me a text that her friend Nicole~
wanted to organize a carwash to support our journey to Will.
I was SO amazed that a group of teenagers would want
to spend their Saturday washing cars~

SO we were up this morning bright and early
headed to McDonald's with buckets, hoses, soap, and sponges
to wash cars.

Amelia made a couple of signs
and it was VERY important to have sign holders!!!~
(Thank you Rosie, Chandler, Amelia, Nicole, Emily, McKenzie, John Daniel, Drew, and John)

Everyone worked SO hard and
I think we washed around 30 cars~

AND because of these enthusiastic boys...
one HUGE truck~

The littles did great out in the hot weather.
When anyone commented about the hot,
we all said... "Think about sweet Will!" :)
(They especially LOVED when Memommy stopped by!!!)

There really are no words to express our gratitude
to such an awesome group of teenagers and supportive community
for blessing our sweet Will in such a wonderful way!!!
Thank you, thank you, thank you~
for loving Will closer to his forever family!!!

Meet the Teacher~

Friday, July 29, 2011

Yesterday @ 4pm,
our family drove EK to North Hart for Meet the Teacher
and I was ok through the whole thing...

I kind of hid behind my camera and in we walked...
Arms full of school supplies and a little happy for the teacher~

This little 6 year old was VERY happy to be there...
Especially when she saw her best friend walk in~

We found her classroom,
 met her teacher (which we know from church!),
and went in for orientation~

SJ just made herself right at home~

Two blessings that makes this all a little better...
1. Rachel is in her class!!!
2. Her teacher Mrs. Gurley goes to our church
and is SO sweet~

The lobby is beautifully decorated with continent murals
so we had the girls stand in front of Asia~

After joining PTO and paying for a daily breakfast,
we were off for home with new pencils!

I am sticking to my motto for the time being~
'Fake it until you make it'...
I am going to be happy for EK no matter what!!!
We have a lot to be thankful for!!!

Party Will~

Thursday, July 28, 2011

I shared earlier in the week that Will was enjoying
Well, today we received photos that he was enjoying
a going away party for an intern Josh.
He is one Party Will~
(I see that he loves fruit as much as EK and SJ!)

and here are some photos with Melissa~

I am SO in love with this little one,
I can hardly stand it~ thankful he is so happy!!!

It's Just What Adoptive Moms Do~

How can it be that some of my sweet friends
are ones that I have never even met?
We are friends through our blogs
and a red thread adoption connection.

Taken by EllaKate! :)

Let me tell you a story...
A long time ago while Savannah was in college,
she and her sorority sisters were out shopping for fabric
and ran into a lady with a daughter from China.
Savannah thought she looked so much like EK
and put us in contact with each other.
Neither of us thought that was weird...
it's just what adoptive moms do~ reach out to each other.

We had just accepted SJ's referral and learning as much as we could
about heart defects so she introduced me to Lyn.
Lyn would be traveling soon to Boston for her son's heart surgery
and we instantly became blog friends.

I prayed and checked on her while in Boston
(which turned out to be a very long stay).
She was also paper chasing for her precious Brooklyn!

She actually appliqued two matching outfits for the girls
to wear in China!

Once we were home with SJ and in the hospital for our heart surgery, the door to our room opened and in walked Lyn~
never met her in person, had no idea she was coming,
but OH SO thankful to see her.
Sitting in that room worrying over your sick baby
and in walks someone who knew what I was feeling!!!
God knew I needed her and He sent her!

We have both brought home new babies 
and kept in touch through it all.
Tuesday we met @ On the Border for lunch~

and it was a sweet time
catching up about life... new babies, new homes, Will,
and how very blessed we are!!!

Lyn will be blessing our auction with new appliqued shirts
and I am SO excited!!!
Thank you Lyn, for EVERYTHING!!!

This is the BEST!~ B&W Wednesday

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Thanks to my sweet Savannah...
I have a new little addiction~ Pinterest!
I have a few boards up now~ one being Cooking It Up.
On the very first day,
I pinned a recipe that I couldn't wait to try~

and tonight was the night!
All that was needed~

And can I just say~

or to quote SJ, "This is the BEST!"
It WAS oh SO delicious!!!

Check out Lisa's blog for more B&Ws. :)

Happy Birthday to Tim Baker~

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Click his name to read all about him!
He is the director and founder 
of Shepherd's Field Children's Village
where sweet little Will lives in China.
Today (actually while we were sleeping)
the kids and staff surprised him with a surprise birthday party
by summoning him to a classroom to change a light bulb. :)
Watched a video on FB and saw Will smiling SO big!!!
Here is a photo of him eating at the party~
See Will in the green shirt?
So wonderful that the children enjoyed
such a joyful celebration!!!

Styling for School~

Monday, July 25, 2011

A week from today,
EK will be at school for her very first day of K. Sigh...
SO to make it a little easier to let her go,
my mom chipped in to dress her in style.
From this cute dress from GAP outlet
to these adorable Lelli Kellys~

And don't even think Ms. Little Bit
was to be left out... no way~

She even wanted to stand like EK 
and get her photo taken alone too~
She even says she going to 'Kin-da-ga-den'!
Wondering how she is going to handle being away from EK.
I will be home-preschooling her and she is excited about that!
We are going to use the same books I used with EK~
Kumon... wonderful for little ones
sprinkled in with lots of hands on activities!!!
Planning to make the days alone with her very special
before bringing sweet little Will home!!!
Going to be a great beginning for all three, I am sure!!!

Heb 11:1
Now faith is being sure of what we hope for 
and certain of what we do not see.

Stone Mountain~

Sunday, July 24, 2011

A few weeks ago, Savannah and Josh
asked if we would like to come out and go to Stone Mountain
with them this weekend.
We were SO excited to look forward to it!!!

It was late in the day to head out on an adventure
but the littles got a little nap in on the way
and that would prove key in them making through the laser show.

The mountain never ceases to amaze me~
The little girls were amazed!

It was pretty crowded but not really hard to find a spot
for 3 quilts and 9 people~

The bigs~

Pretty sure Scott and I were laughing
at the thought of how many people thought we were grandparents.

Watching an airplane
(going to China to take families to their babies)~

I wanted a cute photo of the little girls
standing in front of the carving
and EK grabbed SJ for a big squeeze~
Sweet Love.

Finally it was time for the show... 9:30~

and it was amazing! SO were the fireworks!!!

Any day spent with all my sweet children and their friends
is indeed a precious day!!!
We all made a promise to come back next summer
with our sweet Will~
he will LOVE it!!!