The Big Girls~

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Amelia and Rosemary both brought friends with them to the beach~
Brooke and Leah.
What have they been up to?

Lots of laying out on the beach~

Helping EK ride her boogie board~

Making SJ a mermaid~

Playing ball~


Dressing up at night~

So we could go out to eat~

Or do a little outlet shopping~

Or make a stop at the hot sign~

No matter what they are doing~
you can be sure there is plenty of laughing going on...
They are having a ball too!!!

The College Girls~

The Sophomores ~

The Sisters~

They LOVE the beach!!!

BIG Surprise!

I usually haven't opened my computer in the middle of the day
while here on vacation
but for some reason I did today and boy am I GLAD!!!
Who's Annie?
A precious girl who has sponsored Will while @ Shepherd's Field.

What's the BIG surprise?
Photos of Will (Perry)!!!
Annie and Will~

Will and a friend~

I am thrilled to know Annie is @ Shepherd's Field
touching and loving on our baby in person!!!
Completely takes my breath away!!!
God is SO good!!!
I am SO thankful!!!

l always thank God for you because of His grace given you in Christ Jesus.
1 Cor 1:4

EK @ the Beach

Monday, May 30, 2011

EK has been to the beach
and absolutely LOVES it.
As soon as we made it to the condo,
she took SJ right to the glass door to show her the ocean.
I really believe SJ is so comfortable because EK is comfortable.

As soon as we are up each morning,
they begin asking when we will head to the beach.
We try to hold them off until around 9:30.
From the minute EK is out there,
she is on the move.

Searching for treasures~

Building and digging~

Swimming in the ocean and the pool~

And riding the waves on her boogie board~

Being outside all day,
is EK's dream life~
SO thankful to be here living her dream this week!!!

SJ's First Day...

Sunday, May 29, 2011

on the beach was the BEST way
to celebrate her nine months Forever~
seems like forever ago that she became our Forever daughter,
as if we have always had her.

We are SO thankful to be on vacation this week!!!
There is no way we could be taking this trip
had it not been for two very special people.
Scott's mom and dad made a very sweet decision
to purchase a condo in Surfside/Garden City~Myrtle Beach, SC
and because of their generosity,
all four children get a week at the beach free!!!

They would be SO happy that precious SJ
was able to step out on the beach today
and run toward the water for the first time ever!!!
She was not the least bit apprehensive ~

It was the cutest thing to see her holding out her arms
trying to keep her balance standing in the water~

She absolutely LOVED the water!~

At one point,
I looked up to see her walking toward the water
with a boogie board...
as if she knew what to do~

After watching EK for a minute,
she was ready to try it herself~

And not to worry,
she LOVES the sand just as much as she loves the water~
It was a wonderful day for all of us~
more about EK and the bigs later this week. :)

Adoption Update~
We are SO excited that a family has been at Shepherd's Field
over the weekend
and she told me in her post today~
"Sharon & Angie…saw your sweet angels…will share more with you when we return!"

Now that took my breath away~
someone actually saw our son and has news to share.
WOW, thank you Jesus!!!

Annie, Will's sponsor, flew to China yesterday
and will be there for about 6 weeks or so
to teach English and play with the children @ Shepherd's Field.
She is planning to send us photos while she is there!!!
SO THANKFUL that we will see him again soon!!! :)

Graduation 2011~ Amelia

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Friday was a very big day for Amelia and our family~
her High School Graduation Day!
Weather was a concern but by early afternoon
all was well and graduation was to commence on the football field.

We had a family celebration before complete
with an ice cream cake from DQ.
We even sang Happy Graduation to her and John Daniel! :)

Last time out the door as a high schooler~

Amelia had quite the cheering section~

The field looked great!

She was SO happy and had fun the whole time~

We were SO proud to see her walk and receive her diploma~

Afterwards, it was photo time with all her wonderful friends!
She couldn't have asked for a sweeter group~

Family Photos~

And what topped the evening off perfectly?
A photo and hug from two of her favorite people!!!~

Coach Burch~tennis...

and Mrs. Ayers~ art teacher!...

It was the best of evenings~
perfect weather,
perfect length,
and perfect seniors!
Couldn't ask for anything more!!
SO proud of our amazing daughter Amelia!!!