SJ's Dental Surgery

The very first night we had SJ in China,
we knew she had major dental issues.
Could be hereditary, cardiac related, poor hygiene
probably a little of each.

We also knew once we had the go ahead from her cardiologist,
we would pursue the dental work.
Today was the day
and we left home around 4am.
The littles slept a little on the way
and we made it in plenty of time for our 6am check in.

SJ was all smiles with her doll right by her side. :)

So was her big sister...

A little before 8,
I was allowed to give her the sleepy medicine
and they rolled her away whimpering just a bit.
It NEVER gets any easier!!!

While in the waiting area,
two very funny clowns we met when SJ had heart surgery
came by to share smiles and bubbles.
from a distance.

SJ came back to us a little hysterical
but quickly quietened down when they allowed me to pick her up.

She was able to go back to sleep
and pretty much slept the whole way home.

When we were home a couple of hours,
we asked to see inside SJ's mouth and she wanted to see as well.

Believe me when I say...
I can't BELIEVE our sweet baby had
7 crowns, 5 major fillings with restorations,
and a root canal between her front two teeth.
Scott and I both said we would still be in the hospital.

We have pretty much spent the afternoon
on the sofa watching movies.
When I walked away for a minute,
she would say, "I need you my mommy".

She has been the most brave and cooperative little girl in the world.
Just when you think she can't get any sweeter...
she does, and is, and always will be. :)
SO thankful this is all said and done~
hopefully all the surgery needed for a VERY long time!!!
Giving Him all the glory!!!


  1. I woke up thinking about SJ this morning and prayed for you all!! So glad the surgery is behind you and that she is her sweet little self!! I'll pray that she is not in pain tomorrow!! Glad it went so well!!! Wow I'd still be at the hospital and Hank would have to do housework for a week!!:)

  2. The inside of her mouth looks JUST like Alaina's, but they had to extract her front two! So sad they have so many dental problems! It's so hard!

  3. I'm so glad you have your girl home and feeling well. She and her baby doll look like twins. Sharon, I love your tote bag (not the Louis,which I love too, but the other), I've been looking for one similar to you mind sharing where one would find such a thing?

  4. She is too beautiful for words! So thankful all went well. Wishing y'all lots of rest and recouping! With love... :)

  5. Wow, I can't believe SJ had so much work done. What a brave little girl. I love how Ella is right by your side when SJ came back from surgery. So sweet that her "my mommy" brings her so much comfort! (SJ's baby doll looks so much like her with those apple round cheeks.)

  6. She is amazing! And so is her Mommy! Y'all have been through so much and you all handle it with such strength.
    I cannot wait to show Olivia SJ's "golden" teeth!!


  7. She is one brave, stoic, and strong little girl!
    That is a lot of work that was done. I'm sure you're happy that's over and done with. Stay strong momma, you did great too!

    Will has a surgery coming up in late June, a cranio-facial repair of his nose and also major dental work. He may have to spend one night, though I'm trying to get the doctor to let me take him home early.

    hugs to you...

  8. Oh, these pics are so sweet. I am glad that this surgery is behind you. Mark and I said the same thing about Claire's surgery. How is it that these littles can bounce back so quickly from all that dental work? Our girl has a silver mouth as well!

    I hope she continues to heal and feel better!

  9. I agree that the photos are so sweet - I got tears in my eyes when I read that SJ would say "I need you my momma"! oh my, I'm guessing you didn't have the heart to do anything but stay and be needed :)

    So thankful that SJ did so great and praying for no more surgeries for a very long time!!!

    xo ellie

  10. So thankful everything went so well with the dental surgery!! What a brave and sweet little girl you have. God is so good!!

  11. Wow, She really is a dream child isn't she!!! She amazes me with her strength and her bravery! I am in awe and will continue to pray for no more surgeries for this little princess! Big hugs going your way tonight.
    Sharon you are such a blessing to the blog world! Thank you! Love, Mary

  12. UNBELIEVABLE!! ...children are SO resilient, aren't they! I can't imagine having all that work done at once. I pray her pain in under control and that she is feeling back to herself in no time. And AMEN to no more surgeries!!

    PTL everything turned out so well though. I was thinking of you and your precious princess today.

    Love and hugs,
    ~ Tanya

    P.S.>>> I ditto what Mary said... you ARE such a blessing to the blog world!! (((hugs)))

  13. I'm glad she recovered so quickly, especially on an emotional level. It probably helps to have "trophies" that she can share and look at in the mirror :-)


  14. Shaylee Joy must take after her mommy, handles the difficult with such grace! Thanks for sharing the beautiful pictures of an emotional day. Hope everyone is bouncing back fast!

  15. Sweet girl.... I love how she calls you "my mommy!" Sienna has a matching set on the bottom!!! They are so incredibly brave.

    So glad it went well!!!


  16. What an amazing little girl you have. So glad everything went well and she is safe and sound at home.

  17. Wow! I am blown away by the pictures, especially the one with the doll (just like twins!) and the one with her mouth open. I wonder if she can receive radio signals.

    How wonderful to have this over and done with!

    You are a great mommy!

  18. Olivia saw the teeth and said "Wow, she's way ahead of me and EllaKate!


  19. You would have never guessed from her gorgeous smile that SJ needed all that dental work! I am glad that she had her dolly thee to help her through (well, and mommy!)