God's Will

When I came home from China with SJ,
several friends heard me say,
"God would have to write in the sky IF He wanted me to go back."

I remember reading a post by Diana
about a God surprise of their own and thinking that was so amazing~
never thinking it would be about to happen to us.

On January 28, my friend Donna
sent an email with 19 little faces from the BAAS list.
Up until that day,
I had deleted without looking.
God's Will had me open it and I went through each one
until I got to the very last face.

There staring back at me was the sweetest little face
that resembled SJ SO much,
I clicked to make it larger and saw the words Fujian, China~
SJ's province.
That struck me as so amazing!!!
I shared this with Scott and a couple of friends.
Before we knew it,
we had a medical update and new pictures.

The very first picture I clicked on was a photo of a child
standing in front of a sofa in a wonderful place called Phillip Hayden Foundation.
Hanging above his head was a canvas that literally took my breath away,
for you see, that SAME print was hanging on my wall too.

About ten months ago,
Scott had to evict a property of someone that went to jail
and in the midst of all his stuff,
we found tons of art work.
There buried in the junk was a print of Chinese children
playing ring-a-round the roses.
He brought it home to me knowing I would LOVE it~
I did and we hung it right away!

To see this above the little boy's head was a God moment.
I felt Him say to me he would right at home with us
and he was our son.
Hmmmm, now for Scott to know it. :)

He has the biggest smile~

And this pic makes me think he is waving at us...

There have been SO many God moments along the way,
I think God was giving me 'the writing in the sky'!
and the fact that we are holding and loving precious SJ right now.

We struggled and prayed and cried and prayed some more
for four weeks
and finally decided we did have a son in China
and we couldn't leave him there.
Would it have been easier to ignore him,
not go,
or even worse try to forget him?
Probably so,
because we are not prepared financially once again.
People might say then how do you justify adopting again???
It is God's Will~
His will that we go and His Will that waits for us in China.
He will make a way and that is what faith is all about.

I have chosen Proverbs 16:3 as our scripture to claim for our family~
Commit to the Lord whatever you do,
and He WILL establish our plans.

The only way we will get to China and back is through His providence
and your prayers SO
once again we ask for your prayers as we make our way to
William Scott Minzhong Ankerich.

Hebrews 11:1

Now faith is the substance of things hoped for,

the evidence of things not seen.

PS... We received PA (Pre Aprroval) with SJ on Feb 22, 2010

and with Will on Feb 25, 2011~

so we are thinking we will be on about the same timeline~

traveling sometime in late summer.


  1. oh my goodness, how wonderful! he is beautiful.

    He will be a wonderful little man living with all those ladies and such a sweet Dad.



  2. Loved hearing the story again! Can't wait to meet little Will!

  3. Love his stripey sweater! That is beautiful story and he is just a doll! He DOES look like SJ, wow! I also love the hat with the athletic pants, that is such a boy!! God bless you in your journey to six children! I don't think it is strange at all...we are going to adopt number 6 some day!

  4. OUR GOD IS A AWESOME GOD !! He is precious and looks so much like SJ. As I have said before, your faith is such an inspiration. Praying for your beautiful family and excited to follow this journey!

  5. Your story is so amazing and God definitely was showing you the way!!! I notice the children are playing ring-around-the-rosy around a little boy! I'm so happy for you all and will be praying for you as your journey unfolds!!!!!

    Little boys are wonderful and very, very good to their mammas!!!!

    hugs to you...

  6. I am in incredibly happy!!! You are right...God WILL make a way when we don't see how it could happen! Praying...

  7. Holy cow! I went out of town for 24 short hours and almost missed the last two posts! In fact, when you e-mailed me to "check out Will" I was thinking "Will, who?!"

    I am soooo excited for your family! You are going to have so much fun adding the color blue to your world! I am looking forward to following your journey to bring home your sweet boy! He is adorable!

    P.S. Love, love, love your new blog header too!

  8. Oh my goodness!!! I'm so happy for you!!!! What a precious boy!!!!

  9. STILL can't believe it. Love to finally see this officially in print. We are THRILLED for you, inspired by you and praying for you.

    Just love His name, and reading the start of this story.

    Wish we going with you!!! You know that we are standing with in spirit though!

  10. So very happy for your family. I have to share that it was YOUR blog that I read on Dec 30th that opened my heart once again for a sister for my Madeline. I had been struggling over a little one we sponsor before I read your blog and since that time my husband and I prayed ALOT and submitted our contract to an agency on friday. We will also need so many prayers as we are trying to get a specific child that is not even on the shared list, so God will have to move mountains if this is the child he has chosen for our family. We too believe that this IS God's will for our family as I can not get her out of my heart and mind. So we are stepping out in faith to see what God's plan is. My hope is that it is this one child but I do know that His ways are not our ways so we have no way of knowing other than following through with our dossier ect and see where He leads us:) So very excited as I know your family is too. Will is sooooo very precious and I will be praying for him!!!

  11. I have long believed that coincidences can be a message from God. Your experience with the picture is amazing! I can see how you felt God was calling you to care for Will as your son. And wouldn't it be amazing if you and Jennifer and Diane all travel at the same time!

  12. Wow!!!The picture of the children playing ring-around-the rosy... I also believe without one doubt that is Gods calling to your family!! God is so amazing and Will is just beautiful!!
    I have chill bumps..I love you!!

  13. Praise the Lord for stepping out in bold faith and trusting that He will in His perfect timing bring you and your son together! Lovely! We have one daughter from China and are in the process of adopting a little sister from Ethiopia which is also a faith journey for us. God is good, always! Blessings, Connie

  14. Oh Sharon, I don't even have to tell you how much this story touches my heart. I have a HUGE lump in my throat, goosebumps and tears blurring my vision as I type this. God is GOOD... He is BETTER than Good! And HE will surly provide and make this happen. He led you there and 'wrote it in the sky' for you, and I know He will be your Jehovah Jireh!

    It's no secret that I have a special place in my heart for Fujian children. Hmmmmm...wonder why!?! ;) The resemblance gave me GOOSEBUMPS... and all the other DETAILS... WOW! ONLY God! I'm BEYOND excited for you and your family. He is such a handsome little man and I can't WAIT to see him in your arms! I just love how God is in the details. Now I'm praying that you get Isabel as your guide again! Wouldn't that be amazing!?! I love how God is in the details, so HE can make it happen!

    Oh how I wish I could just have you over for coffee. I think you need to move to MN!! ;)

    My heart is longing to go back already, too. Please keep us in your prayers, that everything is in God's timing. We have been checking into some things. But it's hard for my hubby to have the faith in such a time as this, when the finances are simply not there. But that's what faith is all about! In the meantime, we are praying and trusting that if it is God's will, HE will make it clear!

    CONGRATULATIONS and God bless! <><

    Love and hugs,
    ~ Tanya

  15. Congrats Sharon! How amazing! What a wonderful story of how God will let us know if it is his will! I would love to go back.....however my husband is not there, yet!?! Reading this gives me hope that if it is God's will for our family, He will open my husbands heart to the possibility.

    Thanks so much for sharing this! We will be lifting your sweet family up in prayer!


  16. Sharon,

    I just realized that our dear friends, who travelled with us last July and are from our church, their daughter was from the same orphanage/foster home! I wonder if your Will knows their daughter!?! She was known a Ginger @ Sheppard's Field. If you find out that they did indeed know each other, and would like her contact info, email me and I will ask her if its ok! Funny I was looking at the link to the orphanage when I recognized our Addison's sweet friend!


  17. Sharon wow!!!! I am just shouting praises to our Father right now!! I was without a computer for a few days, I come back and you have a son!!! Im so happy for your family!! So greatful for God's message written in the sky! So excited to see this little man in your loving arms! I could go on and on. I just had dinner with Diana on Friday but I didn't know about baby Will yet. I'm pretty sure everyone in blog land wishes they lived near you, you are a treasure!! Congratulations, Mary

  18. Hi, this is Madison. I love your little boy.I think he is so cute. Everyone will love to have a boy in the house. Boys are fun, I love my little brother.


  19. I loved reading the details of how you found this sweet little man! The story of receiving the same painting that is in the picture with Will gave me chills! So awesome how God works!

  20. Congratulations!! I am especially excited that you are getting a my Michael will have a "buddy" at the next CNY dinner!! We are so happy for you guys!!

  21. sharon!!!!! i had not checked blogs in several weeks and decided to check in on you and boy do you have news!!!!!!!!!!!!!! oh i am SO SO happy for you!!!! he is so precious!!!!!!!!! and an admission - i have been glued to the b@@s list for 2 months now watching the little boys. i am so ready to go back to china and bring home a little boy! i too looked at "zane" but my husband feels the time is not now and so i prayed for him, and all the sweet boys who touched my heart, to find his family. and i would have never guessed i knew the family already! it is such a complex thing - to watch the list, to think and pray about the children and watch them go to homes, especially when you want one to come to your home! but i am so happy, SO HAPPY he is going to a home where he will learn about Jesus and be LOVED so much! one thing comes across clear through your posts and that's the love you have for your children. i am so happy for you and for will!!! i know we always feel like we're the blessed ones when we bring home a child but i know that you will be such a blessing to him too. i am just so happy for you!! can't wait to watch him come HOME, to the home God has chosen for him Himself!!!! Love that!!