Showering Amy with Love

Monday, February 28, 2011

My sweet sister-in-law is expecting my sweet niece March 8th
so Marcia and I decided to give her a baby girl shower.
Many friends and family came to shower her with love!

Ms. Hope made the most adorable cake!

The sisters again...

My beautiful girls...

The guests...

The beautiful mom to be...

Girls working behind the scenes...

SJ loved helping Amy open gifts...

and fell in love with a little Lovie~
saying, "I love my new Lovie, my mom."
Who was going to take it away from her???
Not me, not Amy...
SO both Amy and Melissa agreed SJ would be able to keep it.
She was thrilled!!!
Melissa even went back to the store to get EK one too. :)

Both girls are resting right now with their Lovies. :)

It was a great party for little baby girl Martin
who will be here March 8th...
can't wait! :)

Joy to Love~ The Future

Seven Kids!!!
Our future~
Five Weddings and a Rehearsal Dinner.
Thanks Lisa and Jenny Beth for blog title. :)

Seven beautiful kids
that Scott and I LOVE beyond measure!!!

Joy to Love~ What They Say

Sunday, February 27, 2011

I knew exactly what I wanted to post for this day!
For the past couple of weeks,
SJ has begun using the word My in front of Mom
every time she says it.

I love you My Mom.
Hold me My Mom.
I need to go potty My Mom.
I'm hungry My Mom.
Goodnight My Mom.

Every single time she says it,
I melt!!!
It speaks volumes to my heart!!!

just wondering if you think SJ and Will look alike???

Two peas in a pod...
both from Fujian, China~ amazing!!!

God's Will

When I came home from China with SJ,
several friends heard me say,
"God would have to write in the sky IF He wanted me to go back."

I remember reading a post by Diana
about a God surprise of their own and thinking that was so amazing~
never thinking it would be about to happen to us.

On January 28, my friend Donna
sent an email with 19 little faces from the BAAS list.
Up until that day,
I had deleted without looking.
God's Will had me open it and I went through each one
until I got to the very last face.

There staring back at me was the sweetest little face
that resembled SJ SO much,
I clicked to make it larger and saw the words Fujian, China~
SJ's province.
That struck me as so amazing!!!
I shared this with Scott and a couple of friends.
Before we knew it,
we had a medical update and new pictures.

The very first picture I clicked on was a photo of a child
standing in front of a sofa in a wonderful place called Phillip Hayden Foundation.
Hanging above his head was a canvas that literally took my breath away,
for you see, that SAME print was hanging on my wall too.

About ten months ago,
Scott had to evict a property of someone that went to jail
and in the midst of all his stuff,
we found tons of art work.
There buried in the junk was a print of Chinese children
playing ring-a-round the roses.
He brought it home to me knowing I would LOVE it~
I did and we hung it right away!

To see this above the little boy's head was a God moment.
I felt Him say to me he would right at home with us
and he was our son.
Hmmmm, now for Scott to know it. :)

He has the biggest smile~

And this pic makes me think he is waving at us...

There have been SO many God moments along the way,
I think God was giving me 'the writing in the sky'!
and the fact that we are holding and loving precious SJ right now.

We struggled and prayed and cried and prayed some more
for four weeks
and finally decided we did have a son in China
and we couldn't leave him there.
Would it have been easier to ignore him,
not go,
or even worse try to forget him?
Probably so,
because we are not prepared financially once again.
People might say then how do you justify adopting again???
It is God's Will~
His will that we go and His Will that waits for us in China.
He will make a way and that is what faith is all about.

I have chosen Proverbs 16:3 as our scripture to claim for our family~
Commit to the Lord whatever you do,
and He WILL establish our plans.

The only way we will get to China and back is through His providence
and your prayers SO
once again we ask for your prayers as we make our way to
William Scott Minzhong Ankerich.

Hebrews 11:1

Now faith is the substance of things hoped for,

the evidence of things not seen.

PS... We received PA (Pre Aprroval) with SJ on Feb 22, 2010

and with Will on Feb 25, 2011~

so we are thinking we will be on about the same timeline~

traveling sometime in late summer.

Joy to Love~ The Bromance

Saturday, February 26, 2011

I really didn't think I would have anything to post for Joy to Love today
but when we left for the shower this morning,
sweet Scott was already working in our yard.
He planned to cut, airate, seed, and put out new pine straw...
for the wedding and a shower we are having for Amy tomorrow. :)

When I got home,
he had a very special helper!!!
Preacher Ben was here seeding and Scott was cutting.
I was SO excited to shoot this photos of them!!!

Very blessed to have a friend like Preacher Ben
who just happens to be our pastor at none other than
our church~ Cross Roads Baptist Church. :)

Phil 1:3
I thank my God every time I remember you.

Wedding One~ Savannah's First Bridal Shower

Today began with the amazing news of Will's PA...
and a house filled with girls, girls, girls getting ready for Savannah's shower.

Scott's two sisters, Jan and Susan, hosted it at Susan's house.
Everything was so nice
and we loved seeing family and friends
on this very special day!!!

The girls looked SO beautiful!!!

The Bigs...

The Littles and Carson...

Mother and daughter~
this day was SO surreal to me...
it seems only yesterday I was her and my mom was me.
Time flies by in a blink.

Maids of Honor~

Savannah was so excited last night when she went to bed.
She said it was just like Christmas~
and today felt just like it.
SO wonderful to watch her open all the things
that will make her house a home. :)

Just thankful!!!

Beauty in and out!

Loves of my life...
My mom and my daughter!!!

Couldn't resist~
told you we were a kissing kind of family!!!

The Sisters with Savannah

Best Cousins!

Jan, Aunt Hazel, Savannah, Susan

Jennifer, Carson, Savannah

PaPa even got to stop by~
thanks to Lance, Sherry, and Landry.

It was one of the best days of our lives~
SO thankful for this beautiful daughter
and the love she shares with everyone around her.
I could choose to look at myself and be sad that she is leaving her home...
but I know God has ordained this journey for her
and I am so thankful to be her mom!

Ruth 1:16
But Ruth replied, "Don't urge me to leave you or to turn back from you. Where you go I will go, and where you stay I will stay. Your people will be my people and your God my God.

Our Calling to Embrace

There are times in our lives when blessings come along
completely out of no where...
no warning~
no forethought~
ones that seem SO unlikely and illogical.
But NOT to God... He knew all along!

Times when the ONLY explanation is GOD!

we are not called to a life of complete order
where we are able to figure it all out and plan every single choice.
If that were true, why would there be a need for God?

God doesn't just call people that have it all together...
He calls the people that sometimes seem the least likely.
Then, as they rely on Him alone to provide
(whether it be finances, change of heart, or whatever),
He gives them exactly what they need to do what He has called them to.
It just takes stepping out IN FAITH. If it seems logical and you can figure it all out,
then what glory does God get in that,
if there is no risk, no sacrifice??
We step out IN FAITH when it seems IMPOSSIBLE to US!!!
God steps in, does the IMPOSSIBLE and gets the glory HE ALONE deserves.
So, I challenge you today to STEP OUT--if it doesn't make sense to the world
and those around us,
Life is a vapor...make a difference for Him.

So many people have asked lately about
the wedding,
the two graduations,
the many dr visits with SJ,
not to mention all that goes on day to day.
"Are you so stressed about it being just 10 weeks away?"
"How do you do all you have to do?"

All I can say is, "It is completely God that allows me to
Embrace all we are living right now."
God alone is to be glorified in all the blessings He pours on us each day.
I honestly believe there are no coincidences...
only God's Will~
He knew it all along and has allowed it to come to pass.

When I chose my word this year
~ Embrace ~
I thought I knew everything I would be called to embrace...

With all that said,
We would like to introduce one of the biggest blessings we have ever had...
Our Son... God's Will
William Scott Minzhong Ankerich
calling him Will.

Two and a half years old
CHD repaired
Living in Beijing @ Phillip Hayden Foundation

We received PA last night~ pre approval. :)
The amazing God's Will story coming soon!!!

Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.
~ Neale Donald Walsch

Joy to Love~ When You Love Them the Most

Friday, February 25, 2011

I love this precious man the most
when I look at these beautiful girls
because he never said no to any of them.

They were all chosen
and we have committed our lives
to loving them forever and ever.
Each one a blessing beyond this world~
gifts to us from God!!!
James 1:17

Our First Tennis Match

Both A&R are playing on the high school tennis team this year.
That makes life on the road much simpler!!!
We traveled to Jefferson yesterday
and I was able to see my sweet teacher/adoptive friend Sara!!!
Love you Sara!

Amelia played first doubles with Sarah
and they won in the third set. Yeah!

Everyone was there for the match except S~
who came home sick yesterday and has strep. :(

The Supportive Dad!

Sweet Littles~

Enjoying their snack~

R waiting for her match~

Rosie played in Doubles Exhibition with Lauren~

They won too!

We were there about four hours
and by the end,
SJ was saying~
I really want to go to my room.
SO tired.
Needless to say when we finally made it home,
(and a bath!!!)
she and EK were gone in a minute.

A great start to our tennis season~
win #1 for Hart!!!