Happy Halloween!

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween was another first for SJ~
and she loved it because she loves anything EK does. :)
Our town celebrated on Saturday night
and we began our festivities with a visit to my mom and dad's.
The girls laughed so hard
when Chicken Little (Max) answered the door.
It was a very fun stop because they all got lots of candy
and daddy gave them all a flashlight~
now that is the best... came in handy too!

Last year, EK wanted to be Ariel for Halloween
but by the time it came around,
she had changed her mind and wanted to be Belle.
This year she went back to the mermaid costume
and she was SO cute!!!
SJ wore EK's ladybug costume which fit her perfectly
and was representative of her coming home only 6 weeks ago.
Rosie went with us to take the littles T-O-T.
We took them to Susan and Tony's neighborhood
and ran into our sweet friends~
Rachel being one of EK's BFFs.
They had so much fun running from house to house
or riding in the wagon.
It turned out to be a very fun night
and ended with dinner @ Dairy Queen~
then home for baths and bed!
I hope everyone else had a Happy Halloween too!
Before you know it,
we will turn around and it will be Thanksgiving!
Happy first day of November!!!

SJ's First Dentist Visit

I haven't shared that much about Jing's needs
other than her heart~
but she has some pretty major dental issues.
Most all of her molars have really dark cavities
and some in between her teeth.
I had know all along we would need to address this
but not until surgery and recovery was behind us.

In the last few weeks,
she has started to wince just a little when I brush
so guessed it was time to make a dental visit.
I searched online to find a pediatric dentist
affiliated with Egleston~
there were a lot so I just picked one.
Mustard Seed Pediatric Denistry

Because of her TOF,
I had to give her an antibiotic one hour before her appt.
This is the face she gave me
when I had to force her to take it~
remember she hates taking medicine!!!

The office was VERY fun and kid friendly...
both girls liked the waiting area...

BUT moving to the back was a different story.
This was the first time EK had ever had xrays taken
of her teeth and in hindsight...
that is a major bad on my part.
I should have had our other dentist do this way before now
but I guess I just thought they would
when necessary...
as a result she has some dental work that has to be done too.

But this post is about Jing...
she got pretty upset because EK was crying
and couldn't understand why.
She was finally able to calm down
while watching EK's exam...
And EK agreed that maybe it wasn't all that bad...

Dr. Kim had me sit with Jing
so I handed my camera off to my little assistant EK.
I think she did a pretty awesome job!!!
I took this one...
Jing has about 8 cavities that they could see
with no xrays.
She will have to go to Egleston for her dental work
because they have to put her to sleep...
I won't lie~ that scares me but I know
she will do great just like she did with her heart.

They were both happy when Dr. Kim
gave them a token for the Surprise Tower.

All in all it was a good visit
mainly because they both walked out happy and smiling
BUT once again we have some major appts
ahead of us.
I've already been praying it will all go
just as God has planned
and He will give this mama strength!!!
Jer. 29:11

PS... Words of encouragement would be greatly appreciated!!!

Youth Halloween Party

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

A&R have talked all week about what they wanted to be
for the Youth Halloween party...
both having friends to coordinate with~
Amelia and her 6 friends.

The Seven Deadly Sins...

Rosie and Channie~
Gabriella and Sharpay from HS Musical.

Lots of fun was had with great Mex food!
Can't wait to see the two littles all dressed up!!! :)

I Heart Faces Pink Week

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

It's "Pink" week at I Heart Faces....

take a few minutes to stop by

and see some other beautiful photos.

This my entry of pink...

Pinkalicious JingJing!

Playing Babies

Monday, October 25, 2010

I know I have already posted about the girls playing babies
but today they wanted the SAME one. :)
It just so happens I had bought SJ a doll
just like the one they both Loved today.
I had planned to save it for Christmas
thinking she already had enough for right now.
And that would be so true
but just not as important as keeping the peace.
I went right to my closet, pulled out the baby,
and handed to SJ~ Big Smile!

And guess what she asked right away?
Same thing she says to me Every Morning
as soon as she wakes up...
"Mama ponytail?"
She wants a ponytail in right away
and she wanted her baby to have one too.

We also gave EK's baby one.

And all was well in New Sister World.

A little blurry but so sweet~
A perfect rainy day so far. :)

A Great Weekend!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

All the chicks were in the nest
along with Josh, Robby, and Baileigh~
a house full to say the least.

Saturday was SO busy...
everyone going their own way
but Sunday was church, lunch, friendly game of Corn Hole~
Hmmm... can you tell who won?

Then a HUGE photo shoot for Amelia's senior pictures
and maybe a Christmas card shot for us.
My sweet friend Andrea let us shoot in her yard...

Dinner out with all the kids...
when we pulled back into the garage
SJ said, "We're home!"
That was music to this mom's heart!!!
We enjoyed a little more time outside
and sent the big bigs on their way home.
A GREAT weekend indeed!!!

Powderpuff Power

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Tonight was the annual Powderpuff game
between the seniors and juniors.
Scott, Rosie, EK, SJ, and I all went to watch.
I LOVED watching Amelia have SO much fun.
I said if they had given an award for someone having the most fun~ Amelia would have won!
Here she is with her senior friends!

She went in and out throughout the whole game
and loved every minute!
They also had homecoming during half time
and she escorted Lindsay Lohan (Ryan Phillips).
The guys were hilarious!

You know I had to get some images of the littles. :)

The Seniors played a very tough game~
winning 44-31.



Way to go Seniors!!!

Dr Visits & Ice Cream

Thursday was a marathon Dr day~
we had an appt with cardiologist @ 10,
lunch with a precious friend leaving for China soon,
and pediatrician appt @ 2:30...

Both appts went fine~
Cardiologist told us SJ's pulmonary arteries were no better
but we weren't going backwards~ that's great!
EK, SJ, and myself all got our flu shots @ the ped
plus SJ needed two boosters to finish all her
immunizations from China.

EK cried a lot and SJ cried a little
but thankfully Scott was there to even out
the parent/child ratio.
Afterwards, we got some ice cream,
met dad for Chinese, road the carousel,
(SJ's very first ride)
and bought new shoes...
A great marathon of a day.

All pics taken with my IPhone and SO thankful I had it!!!

On Friday after breakfast,
out of the clear blue sky SJ said, "Mama, Ice Cream."
And it wasn't just a random statement...
it was a request to EAT some ice cream.
She stood by the freezer and kept saying it over and over.

Now what do you think I said back when the bigs were little?
"No honey, you just had breakfast.
We don't eat ice cream in the morning. "
And what do you think I said to SJ?
"OK, just one scoop."
I mean what's the harm?
She eats NO other dairy so I guess it's a little calcium.
Anyway... I guess this is what it boils down to
when a 45 year old mom is loving on her new little one~
making huge progress with bonding and attachment...
she knows for SURE I WILL feed her
and that's a GREAT thing~
really great for EK too. :)

Gold Rush

Friday, October 22, 2010

We are not usually a spontaneous family
but Sunday we decided to ride up
and surprise Savannah at work...
When we were practically in town~
she checked a GPS app on her phone
and saw we are very close to her.
She then calls me and asks where we are.
Couldn't lie.
As fate would have it, she was already off work
and home...
we decided to take a walk to town to experience
Gold Rush.

This little one couldn't get enough of her Nana.

Everywhere we went we ran into some of S&B's friends...
here are some of their Phi Mu sisters. :)

And more friends...

Best Friends and Roommates

Rosie and Dad

And the best part of the whole trip???
A new family picture!!!
Thanks Baileigh!!! :)

It is SO crazy trying to get 7 people
to all look, smile, and be still.

And they will ALL be in the nest this weekend...
all 5 chicks plus Baileigh, Josh, and Robby.
Going to be such a GREAT weekend!!!

My Daddy's Birthday

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

One of the joys of being an adult child
is celebrating your parent's birthdays.
I really don't remember mama and daddy
really making a big deal out of each other's bds
when we were growing up~
so it's wonderful to be able to celebrate their lives
with our family.
Monday was Daddy's 74th birthday
but celebrated Sunday with a BIG meal
since we were all home.

That empty chair at the table was Scott's
and can you tell from the look on his face
how his beloved Falcons were doing???

We sang HB~ one of Max and Sj's favorite songs!

Then enjoyed ice cream cake!
And just so you know~
Max is borrowing SJ's bid...

It was a great day to just hang out!

Doesn't he have the most beautiful eyes???

Next was an outside Fall photo shoot...
pics coming in the next post.