Quick Answers to Questions

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

I LOVE all the comments everyone is sending to us!
Sometimes when I want to reply back,
it comes back non-reply
and I can't answer your questions... (Lucy). :)

So here are a few of the answers~

The Jade necklace was given to her by a lady
that owns a store near the orphanage.
She volunteers there and thought SJ was so cute
and gave her the jade to wear.
The staff told us it was a guardian to her
and very special.
I am thinking I will let her wear it until the red thread breaks
and then change to a special chain.

I just weighed her on the scales here in the hotel
and she weighs 26 lbs.
She stands about to EK's shoulder.
She's very dainty though and wants to be held all the time.
I rarely put her down and I think it may be
the reason EK is being visited by Mr. Green. :)

We leave Fuzhou on Friday and fly to Guangzhou
for another week.
Leaving there on the 11th and getting home on the 11th.
Gaining a day back on the way home. :)

She does have a little dimple.
She needs lots of warming up for us to see it.
I know it will be popping out all the time very soon~
just like EK's!

The pink towel is actually a piece of left over fabric
I had when I made their pillows.
She won't have anything to do with the pillow
but LOVES that piece of fabric.
Goes where ever we go. :)
And she hasn't wanted any of the blankets we brought either.

If I didn't get your question answered...
please ask again.
Thanks for sharing this amazing journey with us!!!

McDonald's Picnic Dinner

We ordered McDonald's again tonight
and guess what Rosie?
SJ loved the chicken nuggets!
and the french fries.

After dinner, SJ handed Baba the bubbles
and they had so much fun.
She loves blowing them too.
This is the closest she has gotten to him
so hopefully soon she will know
he is a really COOL dad~ baba!!! :)

All in all it was a really good day
and we are off to the aquarium tomorrow.
I am headed to bed so see you all tomorrow.


I am happy to report after a two and a half hour nap
both girls are feeling better.
SJ did wake up sad again but
a few bubbles and beach ball fun cheered her up a little.

Here is a sweet pic of the sisters together
with their pet pandas.
Amazing that Mr. Green disappeared once we got a nap.

naptime is when I write my posts and add pics.
Love recording all the Joy here~ good and sad.

Dinosaur Museum

EK has always dreamed and asked to go to a museum with dinosaur skeletons.

Well guess what?

We had to come all the way to Fuzhou to take her. J

It was THE highlight of the day.


We took lots of pictures and video there.

Scott, EK, and Isabel walked around both floors.

SJ and I found a place to sit and snack.

It was so wonderful to be in a building with air conditioning!

We were all soaked to the bone from sweat~

So hot and humid~ 3 typhoons on the way...

First hitting today, thus the horrible hair.

SJ just goes with the flow~ holding on to me all the way.

We have seen a little of Mr. Green(jealousy) come out in EK late yesterday and today.

That’s absolutely to be expected…

she is struggling to accept that I must hold SJ all the time

and give her most of my attention.

I know she will come around when SJ starts interacting more…

For right now SJ simply wants to be held and know I will be there forever~

Something I did for EK four and a half years ago.

There are times when I hold them both or hold EK’s hand while holding SJ.

And Scott is just the sweetest helping in any way he can.

He is a gentle soul too and I know when SJ gets to know him,

She will adore him just like all us Ankerich girls do!!!

Love you sweetheart with all my heart

and SO thankful God brought us to the other side of the earth together!!!

Westside Park

Isabel asked if we would like to continue our time together

With a walk through Westside Park.

I have to say this is one of my favorite parts of being in China~

Being in the places where people are just living life.

It was around 11:00am and we walked by a school that was letting out for lunch.

The kids are picked up and

have three hours to eat and nap before coming back.

I LOVED watching all the people scatter with their families.

There were so many beautiful gardens, buildings, trees, interesting people, and

An amusement park… full of children enjoying their mid day break.

Scott and EK rode the merry-go-round

while SJ and I watched.

We had many stares, lots of smiles from the Chinese people,

And one young couple asked to have their picture made with us.

Such a fun time together!!!

Panda World

Isabel is the sweetest guide we could have!

She picked us up this morning at 9:45

For a trip to Panda World.

The driver took us right up to the gate

And we were off for a great adventure…

If you call about 7 raccoon pandas, three black bears, and 1 real panda

An adventure. J

We did see a little raccoon panda show~

Really kind of sad they are in captivity.

The highlight of the visit was…

The Panda gift shop.

EK picked out the perfect one for herself

And SJ ~ not that she really cared one way or the other.

As the morning wore on, she did begin to hold it

And went to sleep for nap holding it.

Isabel is so kind to EK and they have become fast friends.

I had lots of time to talk to Isabel today about her life…

One of the biggest things she shared with me was her beliefs.

She was quick to tell me she is not Buddist but still searching.

I looked her right in the eye and asked if she knew we were Christians

And she said yes, very devout ones for sure.

That made me smile!!!

I told her right then and there I would be praying for her to come to know Christ.

She shared with me that she has Christian friends who are always talking to her about it.

Scott and I promised we would pray for her and we are asking you to as well.

Being in Fuzhou was not just a coincidence and Isabel being our guide wasn’t either~

I think God ordained it just like He did choosing SJ for our family.

Let’s all put the name Isabel on our prayer list and pray like crazy she comes to know Christ

And set Fuzhou on fire for HIM!!!


It seems that whenever SJ takes a nap or wakes up in the morning,

We start over with the comfort and security.

She really doesn’t cry a big cry…

just a little whimper with BIG crocodile tears with her bottom lip poked out.

She is grieving all she’s ever known to be familiar…

We love her beyond measure and see many positive signs of attachment,

Even with the sadness she is showing.

She makes good eye contact with me.

She wants me to hold her most all the time.

She will walk around a little while on her own

But always comes up to me and lifts her arms to me.

She is not at all sure about her Baba yet.

Usually after we have eaten, she warms up to him

And will play with the beach ball or bubbles.

She will not let him hold her and just stares at him so seriously.

She watches and copies everything EK does.

EK blows bubbles for her and SJ waits until one is caught with the bubble wand

and reaches out to burst it. :)

She is understanding more and more.

She will take my hand and lead me to the bathroom when she needs to go.

She points to most anything she wants.

She will give me a big kiss on the mouth when I say, “Kiss Mama”.

She knows mama, baba, and Ella.

She speaks the sweetest Chinese gibberish when she is happy

And copies any English we ask her to.

She has the most gentle spirit~ completely calm and sweet.

She takes it all in and watches everything around her.

I looked at Scott this morning on the elevator

And said, “There is no doubt that this is our baby!

She is perfect in every way!”

As is all five of our beautiful girls!!! J

Sweet ShayleeJoy

This morning after we were back from breakfast,
SJ picked up my cellphone and figured out how to turn it on.
My screensaver pic is her at the bd party in China
and when she saw it, she smiled SO big
and turned to show me.
I just happened to be holding my camera and snapped this.
She pointed to the others and said their names.
I know she must miss them so
and I can't even explain to her what has happened.
Praying God speaks to her heart for me.
In the meantime,
I will hold on to these smiling moments from Him!

PS... Thank you all so much for your precious comments!!!
We read each and every one.
Please know even though I don't answer back,
I LOVE getting them.
They make the time away from home so much easier.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Happy Birthday Scott

Monday, August 30, 2010

Funny story...
We were sitting at breakfast this morning
and I looked at Scott and said,
"Oh my goodness honey, it's your birthday."
We had gotten everyone dressed and ready for breakfast
without even thinking of what day it was.
I even left his card at home. :/

EK asked me today if he got TWO girls
to love for his birthday...
of course I said YES! :)

The day went pretty well considering all we squeezed in.
SJ was very quiet all day especially
when we were at Civil Affairs with orphanage staff.
She played pretty well early afternoon
but became very sleepy.
She feel asleep for about an hour and when she woke up,
she starting crying and pretty much cried the afternoon away.
She wouldn't even look at Scott
and didn't want him to come near her.
This went on for about 4 hours.

We ordered Pizza Hut for Scott's bd party with a little cake.
We sang happy birthday and celebrated together.
I think that was the best pizza I have ever had!!!

After the party, we took a walk outside.
When we came back in,
we let the girls play for a while.
SJ made a complete 360...
she was happy, playful, and verbal.
She had the best time playing beach ball with Scott.
Deep belly laughs were pouring out of her.
She was jabbering in Chinese
and copying what ever we told her to say in English.

I looked at Scott in the midst of all this happiness
and said, "Happy birthday!"
It was one of the sweetest bds he has ever had!!! :)

First Toe Nail Painting

This is the doll that went to her in her birthday package.
She was holding it when we met her
and holds it all the time.
Kinda looks like Kai Lan.

I clipped her fingernails and toenails
and added a little polish to her toes. :)

Sorry for the low shirt but just couldn't pass on this pic...
fell fast asleep in my arms
and EK said, "She is just so precious!"
SO Precious!!!

Afternoon Playtime

EK and SJ's sweet friend Madelyn
gave the girls playdoh to bring to China.
Today we spread out a towel and they loved it.
SJ knew exactly what to do~
she mashed it out and used the cutters.
She also rolled little snakes just like she had done it before.

The little cellphone is her favorite too!
She even says hello.

Trip to Walmart

We made a trip to Walmart on the way back to the hotel.
We needed water and DIET COKE~
actually Coke Light here but OH SO GOOD!!!

Isabel pulled out a cart for us
and wanted me to put SJ in for a ride...
she would have no part of me putting her down. :)

We LOVED the brightness in the store!
So sweet how the ladies smiled when Scott took this pic.

EK had to go to the bathroom SO bad
and the only choice was a squat potty...
in a Walmart...
and I couldn't take her holding SJ...
so Scott had to take her in the men's room~
He said not to even ask. YUCK!!!
He was the DAD today!!! :)

Forever Family Day

Today we were up at 5:30 again...
all except SJ~ she made it to 6:20ish
and slept amazingly well.
Went down about 9
and really didn't move all that much all night.

Before we give the impression that everything
is just going off without a hitch,
SJ is having moments of grief~ little whimpers
and BIG crocodile tears...
especially when we do something new
or leave the room.
That is a very positive sign for us
and she always comes to me for comfort.
She holds her arms up and wants me to hold her.

No bathtub in our room so we gave the girls splash baths.
SJ wasn't so sure about it
but when I handed her the sprayer... she smiled. :)

We had another yummy breakfast.
SJ ate two pieces of toast, watermelon, congee, cherrios, & OJ.
Our guide, Isabel met us in the lobby
and we were off to the Civil Affairs building to make
our adoption official and final.

SJ was very serious the whole morning~
especially when we walked up to the building
and she saw all the people that had dropped her off yesterday.
She held on to me even when they tried to take her.

Here we are with the people who came from the orphanage...
the head orphanage nanny, assistant orphanage director,
and the doctor on staff.
They were so sweet and wanted to know all about her night.
They shared some very touching info with us
and we were so appreciative.
It was hard to for them to leave us
but they did first and then we were off to the notary office.

Officially ShayleeJoy's forever family!!!
God is so good all the time!!!

Have you ever seen such a proud sister???

So Cute

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Our guide encouraged us to go to the restaurant
for dinner so we got the girls ready and took them down.
We ordered fried noodles and fried rice~
both of which were eagerly eaten by both girls. :)

When she finally warmed up to us a little,
she began mimicking everything EK would do.
EK showed her how to do a puzzle one time
and she was able to do it on her own.
She loves the wedgits and watches how EK
does it and copies her.

We brought bubbles and beach balls
and they both are the hit!
We get the BEST laughs from SJ when we bring out the bubbles!

She is SO smart!
She picked up both our phones and knew exactly
how to push buttons and talk.
We brought her a play phone and she loves it.
She is already saying hello.

She also figured out the remote very quickly too!
She tells me when she has to use the bathroom
and calls me mama. :)
She know baba and Ella. So sweet!!!

Here they are all ready for bed.
The size 3T clothes fit amazingly well.
I brought some flipflops not knowing if they would fit...
she loves them and
when I put a bow in her hair,
she patted it.
When it falls out,
she hands it to me and pats her head
telling me to put it back in.

She went to sleep peacefully in my arms tonight
and I slid the hairbow out.
Can't wait to wake up tomorrow
and begin our first full day with sweet SJ and EK!!!

God is so amazing and we give Him all the praise
for the beautiful miracle our family witnessed today.
We thank each and every one of you for your prayers!!!
He heard and blessed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!