The Illustrator

Thursday, August 27, 2009

When I taught school, I had drawing cards that had step-by-step directions out at the tables in the morning for my kids. They drew on white paper and then wrote the word, a sentence, or a story about what their drawing. The main objective was to increase their security and ability to draw things on their own. When we sat down to write and draw at Writing Workshop, the kids had a foundation they could build from and felt confident to get started. I am STILL looking through all my stuff to find them for EK but in the meantime, I found these GREAT books at Amazon to help her.


This was the page she chose to draw today.

Here is EK's unicorn after following the steps to draw.

We added the words so it can be hung on our story line. I think she is going to love these new books and gain the confidence she needs to be an independent writer and illustrator. Check them out!



Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Along with school comes responsibility. EK has always helped me sort the laundry, start the machines, and fold. So today when we finished folding laundry, I asked if she would put it away. She said, "Of course." I had to follow her in there and here she is working so hard.

Next I asked what else do we need to do? She said, "Make my bed" and jumped right up to get busy. I stepped away to put some other laundry away and came back to find her having a little too much fun... (smile).

And then we decided it was best if I helped her with this... (MESS).

Whew... much better!!!
I think she worked hard to be a responsible four year old!!!


Tea Party

Scott worked from home today because he went out to crank his truck and had a dead battery. While we were in the kitchen this morning, EK came in to serve us tea. It was so fun to enjoy this with her. She went back to her room and we didn't hear her for a while (very unusual). I checked on her to find a very sweet tea party set up around her table with all her special friends. This was so wonderful for many reasons...

Had a few comments on FB today about the pink sofa. Would you believe it was given to us by my grandmother and is at least 50 years old? She would be so happy to know EK loves it and it looks so cute in her room!


Writing Workshop

Monday, August 24, 2009

I read EK a book (actually many books) each day for school. We talk about the author and illustrator so today we talked about how she could be an author and illustrator too. You should have seen her eyes- a little surprised and a little excited.

We had a talk about how to get an idea and made a list of possible story ideas. She decided on horses. She is a little apprehensive trying new things so in order to make her feel as secure as possible, I wrote a story right beside her. We drew our illustration first. I gave her a mini horse drawing lesson and her comment about her horse was, "My horse is kind of puffy." We both laughed and added color. I asked her what else her story needed- words she said.

I asked her what she wanted to write and she said, "Horses". I probed her a little and suggested we use two words off her word wall. I drew magic lines (one word per line until she learns spacing) and we wrote one word at a time. The words I and like are spelled correctly because she can read them and horses is phonetically spelled because she sounded it out. I thought she did a great job!!!
She read it to me and we celebrated her writing by hanging it on the 'Story Line"- fishing line hanging near the ceiling.
Can't wait to see what she writes tomorrow!!!


Pool Party at Madelyn's House

Sheryl and Madelyn invited a few friends over for a pool party Sunday. It was such a fun time to watch our girls have so much fun playing together. Madelyn had seen EK on the blog in this swimsuit and asked that she wear it so they could be twins- so sweet. I am so thankful EK has such precious friends!!! I am also so thankful for their sweet moms (my friends)!!!
Thanks Sheryl and Madelyn for a wonderful time!!!

Max's First Birthday

Our sweet Max turned one on Friday. Amy & Jason threw a birthday party for him on Saturday and our family enjoyed a fun time! He was the cutest thing digging into his little chocolate cake. He loved opening all his wonderful gifts and then playing with them too. We enjoyed a delicious cake made by Amy! My grandfather was able to come although he was not feeling very strong. It was good to have him enjoy this special day. Everyone came over for a swim later that afternoon. It was a very special day!!!
Max BD

My sister and her family were able to be here too! It is always a GREAT time when she is here!!!


Funny Story

Thursday, August 20, 2009

When we moved to Hart co, I signed EK up to receive a free book each month through the Ferst Foundation for Childhood Literacy. She has gotten some good ones like The Little Engine that Could but today took the cake. I guess my early childhood background is coming out. The book that came today was Aesop's Fables. Now I'm not knocking this book at all but it is NOT for 4 year olds- how do I know? Look at EK after the first three stories... I heard her kind of breathing loudly and when I glanced over, she was completely out. She will love it just because it has animals in it but the stories and lessons are over her head. Sweet dreams sweet girl!!!



EK @ School

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

EK and I are working (playing) hard at school each day. Today we mixed art, science, math, reading, and free play all into one lesson. We have been learning about color words the past couple of weeks. Each day we take a color- dot paint the word and then cut and glue pics from a magazine that are that color.

We have done the primary colors so today I decided to throw a little science in the mix. I wonder if you have seen these cool paint brushes that have tempra paint in them.
IMG_0693 (2)

We painted a circle of each primary and put a little squirt of each out to the side.
IMG_0679 (2)

I gave EK a Qtip and she swirled the colors to create the secondary colors- oh what magic- she was amazed!!! We of course guessed what we thought would happen and then tried it.
IMG_0685 (2)

From the swirling, we painted a rainbow and talked about rainbow color order.
IMG_0689 (2)

I then had her spell her name to me while I wrote it and she used a pattern of the three primary colors to paint her name.
IMG_0694 (2)

Once she had the paint thing down, I gave her the freedom to free paint in her big coloring book- oh joy- she loved it!!!
IMG_0702 (2)

We finished the day by reading the wonderful classic Mouse Paint by Ellen Stoll Walsh !!!


Saturday was a Big Day!

Saturday was such a big day. Sav was able to move into her apartment and she had a Phi Mu workshop as well. She asked me to shoot a few pics of her sorority and and while we waited for them to come out, I got a few of EK- my flower picking girl!!!


Sav's sorority: Phi Mu

Then we moved Sav's stuff to her apartment...

We headed back home to make Rosie's first ballgame of the football season. She looked so pretty and did such a great job! It was a lot of fun- EK loved cheering with her own pompoms.


Happy Birthday Rosie!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Fourteen years ago today we welcomed the most beautiful little baby girl into the world! She weighed 6.8 lbs and had tons of dark hair. What a blessing she was to our family and still makes us smile each and every day! We couldn't be prouder of her and all that God has done in her life. We pray His richest blessings today on her special day and for the rest of her life!!!

Nan and I spent most of the day working on the BIG project for Rosie's birthday. My mom and sister helped buy some of what we used to decorate! Thanks mama and Sissy!!! Rosie had NO idea and when she got home from cheerleading practice, she was surprised to climb the stairs to her room and find...!!!

This is what her room looked like when she left today...
Old Room

The Nan&Shay team remake...




This is what she looked like when she walked up the stairs to get ready for our dinner out. So surprised!!! So fun!!! Enjoy sweet Rosie... we love you to pieces!!!



Mission Accomplished!!!