Simply Saturday

Saturday, January 31, 2009

Sometimes when big plans are made... they have to change. We had planned a big day out with the fam for my birthday but EK woke up with a 103.8 and that changed everything. She has pretty much been on the sofa all day watching movies.


Taking the wonderful opportunity of being home all day taking care of my sweet baby, and because we have to be downstairs in the basement near my sewing machines, I decided to try my new monogramming sewing machine!!! Here is my first attempt. I have several things to monogram for Savannah's Phi Mu little sister. So exciting!!!


I made this top for EK a while back and today I added the monogram. I think it turned out pretty cute!!! She is still running a fever and watching movies. Poor baby.



Valentine Hearts

Friday, January 30, 2009

As you know, EllaKate and I are spending lots of time downstairs. We always beging school with calendar and today she wanted to cut but has finished both of her Kumon cutting books. I decided today was the day she needed a Real art project. I drew hearts on construction paper for her to cut out. I told she could decorate any way she chose.

Making Valentines



Cute Outfits

Thursday, January 29, 2009



A Big Mess

Monday while Scott and I were in Atlanta, Rosie called to say she had heard a loud thunder and rushing water sound. We had Jeff come over to check it out and he found a gushing pipe under the house. He turned off the water and called Erico. They made the repair and within the hour, it had burst again. Monday night we had no heat and no water but was repaired Tuesday morning. They left saying all the pipes under the house were changed and hoped nothing happened inside the house.

Well... Wednesday morning EK and I were in the kitchen eating breakfast, when I heard a loud gushing sound. A pipe in the wall had burst and by the time I had stepped back to take a look into our family room, water had begun to gush from the recessed lighting onto my sofa. My first instinct was to move my furniture and then grab a bucket. It was filling fast and I called Scott hysterical!!! He told me how to shut the water off at the street. It took about 15 minutes before it stopped. My brother Jason and Erico were here in minutes to begin getting the water up and moving my furniture. The ceiling, walls, and hardwoods were ruined. My sofa sat outside all day in the sun to dry. We moved all the furniture from the family room and sunroom to the living room. We ran fans and a dehumidifier all night.


Today the workers were here bright and early to begin demolition. By 2:30, my family room looked like this.


They will let it dry out over the weekend and begin drywall on Monday. Why am I thankful? I am thankful that no one was hurt and that I was home when it happened- it could have been so much worse. Things are replaceable...

EllaKate made me laugh during the fiasco when she said...
"It is raining in my family room!"



Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Scott stopped by PF Chang's on the way home and brought home some great eats!!! Well just when you think the celebration is all planned... Scott has to stay late for work, Rosemary has to cheer after school, Amelia has to be at a basketball game @ 7:15, and Savannah is where she should be- school. We made the BEST of it!!! The celebration was all about eating and singing 'Happy Match Day' before blowing out her candles on a piece of Great Wall of Chocolate!!! Yum!!! It was the perfect night at the end of a perfect day!!!




First Time Ever I Saw Your Face

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Today 3 years ago, we say our precious EllaKate for the first time. I hope to have the video uploaded soon. To say it took our breath away is an understatement!!! We thought we were prepared to see her and we were but it was way more emotional than we thought. I loved her at first sight and still hold her each day amazed that God chose us to be gifted with this sweet angel!!! So today we celebrate Match Day and CNY!!!

Match Big

What a blessed family we are to have EllaKate ShuangJiang Ankerich!
Here she is through the years: 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009!!!

Through the Years

Today's photo shoot was so sweet.

Match 2009


FBCD Visit

Saturday, January 24, 2009

We went back to our old church FBC Duluth this afternoon for a reception honoring our pastor and his wife as they leave the church to go back to the mission field in Africa. It was so great to see everyone and catch up. It was a very sweet time as we remembered all the special times we have shared with Dr. Parker over the years. He is a very special person to our family. He baptized all 3 of the big girls and presided over Scott's ordination service when he was ordained as a deacon. Probably the sweetest time I ever had with him was the morning we had Parker and he walked into our hospital room to pray a prayer of blessing over us as we held our precious baby son. We will never forget the love he has shown us and pray he and Mrs. Parker are blessed beyond measure as they venture out to minister to missionaries. Here is a pic of Scott and Dr. Parker.



My New Space

Friday, January 23, 2009

When we moved, the only thing we did in the basement was rip up the old carpet and paint. Last week, we had new carpet installed, I scrubbed down all the cabinetry, unpacked the rest of our boxes and organized everything into the big cabinets, and set up my craft area. I say craft because I have all my sewing stuff, scrap booking stuff, yarn stuff, and cross stitching stuff down there... plus all my art supplies from when I taught school. I also set up a little play and school area for EK. We also have a family area. EK has been so excited about it. We have spent a lot of time down there.

Our Basement

And here are some of the outfits I have sewn in my new area.

More Outfits



Thursday, January 22, 2009

Amy and Jason had Max's hair flipped up on the front just like Jason's... he was so adorable!!! And the little vest he was wearing- just darling. I had to shoot some pics at lunch today.

Jason and Max

And just look at this crowd... sweet, sweet, sweet... Chicks were all in the nest this weekend and we had a great time together.




Wednesday, January 14, 2009

I am taking an online Photoshop class @ Jessica Sprague called Now We're Rockin' with Photoshop. I worked on lesson 1 today and this is the layout that I created. I learned TONS of new techniques! I love this image of EK... she is all about her Lovie and friends.

Ella & Lovey


3 Beautiful Girls

Tuesday, January 13, 2009




Scott, EllaKate, and I all traveled up to spend the day with Savannah for Rush weekend. We enjoyed a day of set up, meals, and just hanging out with a bunch of precious girls (sisters). We are so thankful Savannah has made so many wonderful friends and enjoys her life there. I have put a slide show together of pictures from all three days. Enjoy and remember the good old days... then get back to enjoying these good old days!!!


Cheerleader, Cheerleader!

Monday, January 12, 2009

EllaKate and I went to Rosie's game today to watch her cheer. She was a great flier and did a great job! The cutest one out there!!! :D

Rosie Cheering


New Oufits

Sunday, January 11, 2009

I have been sewing again. It feels so good to have my machine set up again. I had hid it away during Christmas for two reasons- no mess and no temptation to sew. Now it is back on my dining room table waiting for the carpet to be installed in our basement and then I will be moving all my crafty things down there. We have a built in desk with lots of storage for all my STUFF!!! I am so excited to finally have a place to keep my stuff out and ready to work!!! I hope to set up a table for EK to do art and school while I am down there. We have furniture down there for the girls to use as they play with all their video game systems. Pretty much a big hangout area!!! Can't wait.

Here are two outfits I made this week. The first is a peasant top and boutique bottoms. Savannah, do you recognize the bottoms fabric??? You remember those curtains you brought home because you weren't going to use them??? I cut them up and made EK a pair of bottoms :D !!!

2 Outfits


EK & Olivia

Saturday, January 10, 2009

EllaKate and I were so happy to spend the day in Greenville @ Lynn and Olivia's house. We played, sewed, created slideshows (PSE6), crocheted, ate, shopped, and talked... a fantastic day!!! EK & O love each other so much and play like a dream- hardly a peep out of them except when they discovered styrofoam packing. They tore it into a million pieces and called it snow. We began cleaning it up and they about had a fit... "Please don't take our snow"... so we left it and they played in it all day- poor Lynn... we left such a mess. They played with every toy, watched a movie, and ate snacks all day. Are they just the cutest little pair???
We got home just in time for dinner.

EK & O


The Happy and the Sad

Friday, January 9, 2009

The Happy:
This morning I asked EllaKate if she would like me to sew her something to wear. "No", she said. Just a minute later, she went to my fabric drawer and pulled out a piece of fabric we had bought together and said, "Never mind. Can you make me my dress?". I went right to work, made the dress, and she put it right on. We had a happy morning and went to lunch with Scott (working from home). We came home and EllaKate went down for a nap and I went back to sewing...


The Sad:
All of a sudden, I heard The Cry... the one where you know they are hurt... I ran into her room and found a bleeding boo boo. I scooped her up and ran to show Scott. We both decided she might need stitches and drove her to the doctor. He gave us a choice of glue or stitches... not a hard decision considering I did not want her to go through the trauma of a shot. She still cried pretty hard when they cleaned and glued it, but calmed right down. You may be wondering how she did it. She was climbing out of her bed to get an outfit for her baby, tripped over her rocking chair, and hit her head on the corner. We had a big talk about getting out of bed without permission... she said she would call me next time. Whew!!! What a day.



So Thankful!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

I am so thankful we live so close to Jason, Amy, and sweet, adorable, baby MAX!!! We went over yesterday to have lunch together and Max enjoyed jumping around in his jump-up. EK loved watching him and playing with all his toys. A great time!!!




A Girl and her Toys

Wednesday, January 7, 2009




Amelia is playing on the Methodist basketball team. She has never played basketball and actually plays on the team with girls that are on the high school team. Needless to say, it is very competitive but she is having a GREAT time and the girls all include each other. Amelia's best friend, Sarah's dad usually coaches the team but he couldn't be there tonight so Scott stepped in to coach their game. We all went to the game but EK and I had to leave early- the whistles and buzzers were just too much stimulation and EK just couldn't hang. She struggles in big crowds anyway. Amelia's team ended up whipping up on the other team and she even scored 4 points!!! Go Mill!!!