Christmas Eve

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Eve was so wonderful. We got up slowly and I prepared all the food I would be serving on Christmas Day for our family. We all got dressed and went to Anderson for lunch and a movie. No one really wanted to see a movie, except EK so we bought her one and came home. Our church had a beautiful Christmas Eve service with the Lord's Supper and candlelight. Very special for our family because we have always gone to church on Christmas Eve. We came home to make cheese toast for dinner and all the girls opened new pjs to sleep in. So cute!!!
Well if you ask my family if I like surprises or presents, they would say no... I can't stand to have a gift under the tree- the suspense is TOO much for me. It is best if I don't even know I am getting a gift OR just let me get it and start using it as soon as I buy it. So... Scott really didn't ask me what I might want or even hint he had gotten me anything. The girls actually let it slip that my present had been sent to a friend's house and after they had wrapped it, hid it from me. That is a good thing considering that one time long ago, Scott had placed a gift under our tree for me and I actually opened it while he was at work and wrapped it back up. I couldn't stand it!!! All that to say, they let me open my gift on Christmas Eve since I might need it the next day... hmmm... what would I need the next day? I got a new lens for my camera... 100mm. Sweet!!!

Christmas Day

Christmas Day was great! The big girls waited for EllaKate to wake up and then we all came into the family room to see what Santa had left. EK gasped as she saw all the gifts- so sweet. We opened all the presents and ate a delicious breakfast. The girls spent the morning enjoying all their gifts and hanging out. I cooked and Scott went to the barn. Josh came up to eat with us and brought everyone great gifts. Momma, Daddy, Susan and Tony ate with us too.
Here is EK opening her third gift from Josh... Thanks Josh for all the great gifts and time spent with our family!!!

Like I said, it was one of the best!!! Thank you Jesus for coming to earth to be born as our Savior and the King of our Christmas. Can't wait until next year!!!

A Wonderful Weekend

Monday, December 22, 2008

What is better than Christmas with family?

We were so happy to have my family at our house on Saturday for our celebration. Marcia's family was here from Summerville, SC. Jason, Amy, and Max were here before leaving for Michigan @ 1:45 Sunday. Jessie and Vick were here for the day along with Momma, Daddy, and PaPa. It was so fun... lots of good food and presents for all. I give Jesus all the glory for such a glorious day- He has brought our family along way this year and we celebrate his magnificence in our lives!!!

This and That

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

We have had a great week. Monday was a day of straightening up and laundry after a busy weekend. Yesterday we had the pleasure of keeping Sarah Beth while her mom was at work. Her babysitter was sick so we had a playmate all day. They played so well and we had a great time!!!

Tonight Scott and I went with the girls to the youth Christmas party and EllaKate stayed with my mom. When we got there, EllaKate went straight to her Christmas tree and started picking up presents. Momma had already thought ahead with a gift she could open. Inside was a necklace, a nativity scene, and a whistle... all things special back "in the day" but special "now" to EllaKate- another collection of things for her to carry around in a bag :D!!! If that wasn't enough, momma had a little Santa that EK played with while she was there. Can you guess what she said when it was time to go home? "Can I take Santa home with me?" Can you guess what momma said? "Of course you can." So we have a new Christmas decoration- EK loves him!!!

When we got home, Savannah had finished Amelia's and Rosemary's Christmas gifts- lapboards. Were they wrapped and under the tree? No, she couldn't stand it and surprised them tonight. Didn't they turn out darling??? I guess they need them since they are studying for finals...

2 Funny Stories

Monday, December 15, 2008

First Story

Last night when Savannah came home- YES
she brought a bag of goodies from Ms. Barbara (Josh's mom). One thing to know about EllaKate is that she is a collector- I don't necessarily mean she collects a certain thing- she just likes to gather lots of things and organize them. When Savannah starting pulling out the little figures, EK was mesmerized!!! She sat and played with them forever- moving them around and talking to them.

Thanks Ms. Barbara!!! EllaKate loves her figures and has them in her room!!!

Second Story
Rosemary came downstairs last night to announce she had pulled a tooth- yes she is 13 and still pulling teeth. All my children have been late teeth cutters and teeth losers. Anyway, when I taught kindergarten, we always stopped whatever we were doing and sang the Happy Tooth Day song. Well I thought it would be fun for EK to sing it to Rosie, so we sang and made a big deal out of the tooth fairy coming to visit and even read a book about it. Well... big mistake. I am not kidding, EK went on and on crying and being really worried about her teeth falling out and not being able to eat. She also cried because she was scared of the tooth fairy. Finally after about an hour or more, we convinced her that her teeth would not come out while she was asleep and the tooth fairy would not come in the house- she would leave the money for Rosie outside with Fisher (our 8 year old yellow lab). Whew!!! Today nothing was said at all about the ordeal until tonight at dinner, EK asked me if Rosie had lost her tooth and I said yes and that was the end. No one added anything to the conversation and so far she has been fine. Let me just say, we will not discuss this topic for a long time!!!

Christmas Party

Sunday, December 14, 2008

We threw a Christmas party last evening and our house was FULL of Christmas spirit and joy!!! There was lots of great food, conversation, and an art activity for the kids.
There were lots of fellow adoptive families here so we took the opportunity to get our couch shot! What a beautiful group of sweet girls. We now wait on Jackie and Eric to get their referral- LID: 3/3/06 and for sweet Alaina to come home to the Harkness family!!!
We enjoyed our evening with sweet family and friends and count each one as a special Christmas blessing. Merry Christmas to each one and thank you for making our Christmas so special!!!

Happy Birthday Memommy

Friday, December 12, 2008

Friday was Memommy's birthday and we called her to sing happy birthday. She asked EK if she was making a Christmas tree for school. That gave us a great idea for a present. I drew a tree, trunk, and star for EK to cut out and then she decorated with markers, sequins, and glitter glue. EK said it was Beautiful!!! It was and Memommy loved it!!!
We enjoyed a spaghetti dinner birthday party at our house that night. It was fun to have such a sweet reason to celebrate together- Happy Birthday, Memommy!!! We love you so much!!!

Turtle EK

Thursday, December 11, 2008

This morning EllaKate was playing with her blocks creating a castle when she decided to sit inside the container that holds the blocks. I heard her saying, "I am a turtle with a shell". She walked around pretending for a while and then she said looking at me, "The turtle is stuck in her shell."- all I could do is laugh and say- hold right there while I get the camera. She thought it was hilarious! This is why I LOVE being home with sweet EK- you never know what she will imagine next!!!