A Sweet Thanksgiving

Sunday, November 30, 2008

We had a great Thanksgiving weekend. I was so thankful for...

Scott being home with us the whole time. He got so much done around the house. It was so wonderful to enjoy our house together during this special holiday with all the girls home!!!
Savannah being home spending time with us. She and the girls went to the movies and did a little shopping. EllaKate LOVED having another 'mom' here to give her undivided attention.
Amelia and Rosemary home from school- time to sleep in every morning and just have time to relax. One night they along with Becca slept out in the playhouse- YES... it was so COLD!!! They layed out on the trampoline for a while and saw a shooting star :). A memory to never be forgotten!
EllaKate learning what it meant to be thankful. She is thankful for all her ponies :)... every morning when she wakes up- 7:15 or so... she yells, "Is it morning now?" I always go right in to get her and this morning, she reached up and said, "Mama, I love you SO much!" It was the sweetest thing!!! I am thankful for my baby because I love her too!!!
My family!!! Being close to them is so wonderful and having Marcia and her family home was icing on the cake! Jessie came to memommy's and spent the afternoon too! It was great to be a happy family again and thankful to all be together!!!
Of course Max Thomas Martin!!!
One of the things everyone wants to do everytime we are together at mama and daddy's is build a bonfire. Samuel loves it the most. Here they are enjoying a good time!!!

We are soooooooooooo thankful for our fireplace once again.... WE HAVE NO HEAT AGAIN!!!

We have an abundance to be thankful for... many stories within this one image of thankfulness. I pray everyone has the best Thanksgiving ever!!! We sure plan to!!!

Chicks in the Nest

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Thanksgiving has officially begun at our house because ALL the chicks are in the nest- even the Rooster is taking the rest of the week off!!! I am so thankful to have everyone home, my family so close by, my sister is coming to town tomorrow, and lots of precious friends too!!! I pray each and every one is happy and well this Thanksgiving season!!! Bless you all!!!

Cross Country

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Amelia ran cross country this year for her high school. We went to her banquet tonight where she received a participation award and lettered. She has now lettered in two sports- CC and tennis. It was a fun time and EK was SO good- we were really amazed since it was past her bedtime when we started home.

Madelyn is 3

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

We enjoyed Madelyn's birthday party last evening. It was so sweet to be there- 4 little Chinese girls there celebrating such a special time!!! We are so thankful to be near such sweet friends and share such precious moments of life. Thank you Brooks family- we enjoyed it immensely!!!

Wordless Wed~ New Tops

Hot Shots

Monday, November 17, 2008

Tonight was Parent Watch night at ballet and tap class. Oh my... how precious! She looked so little compared to the other little girls in her class, but she knew what she was doing. She actually payed attention and did the routine. Last year, she crawled around on the floor and made everyone laugh. What a difference a year makes.

Lunch w/ Robin Cobb

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Today we drove about 30 minutes from home to Anderson while Robin and her children drove about an hour to meet us for lunch! We only knew each other from our blogs and email but have that amazing bond of adoption. Robin has the sweetest family and we shared such a great time together. Can you imagine us trying to get three sweeties to smile for a snap of the camera- this was the best I could do. Sorry I am in the pic... EK wouldn't stand for the pic without me. We so look forward to getting together again!!!

EK's Favorite Place

Friday, November 14, 2008

Scott had to be downtown for a Cisco users conference @ CCN center and Omni Hotel. EllaKate and I went down Thursday and spent the night with him. We stopped to enjoy a coffee with Pam on the way- loved seeing you sweet friend!!! We loved being downtown with Centennial Park all lit up for Christmas. We loved just hanging out in the hotel room while he was dining @ the Aquarium. I cut fabric, scrapbooked, played games with EK, and we watched tv- great quality time. The big girls were home safe with Susan and Tony- thank you so much!!!

Scott was in meeting all day Friday so EK and I met Deb and LL @ the Aquarium for a morning of shooting images and discussing photography the whole time. We also ate lunch @ a very authentic Chinese restaurant- delicious!!! Thanks Deb. I actually lifted the first 3 images from Deb's blog and the rest are ones I shot. It was a really fun couple of days but so glad to be back in small town Hartwell... no traffic and no crowds.

A Wonderful Saturday

Saturday, November 8, 2008

I haven't shared this tidbit because I really don't want the grief, but I have to disclose... I have decorated for Christmas somewhat. Last Saturday, we hung our wreaths and put up our trees. They have just sat all week so we could decorate them with Savannah this weekend. It is always such a fun time to take out each ornament and remember its significance. EllaKate loved hanging each one we handed her with such sweet care. The big girls loved it too- we laughed and even shed a few tears... very special.

And now... do you know about the Elf on the Shelf? EllaKate and I found one @ the bookstore yesterday and bought it. It has a very cute book and elf inside. We read the book and are still thinking of a name. We sat our little elf on the bookshelf and he has been watching us ever since. Each night he flies to the North Pole to let Santa know how everyone is doing. EllaKate just LOVES him. She watches him all the time. This morning when she woke up, she got out of bed and walked into the family room to see him. He was missing... she came running into our room and said, "My elf is gone!!!" I got up and went with her. We looked around and would you believe he was on a different shelf??? :) Must have changed spots when he got home. We were sitting together on the sofa and she said to me, "I think I saw his eyes move." I said, "Me too!"She said, "Oh my!!!" I whisper to him all the time and she watches with such intensity!!! What a great new Christmas tradition!!!

EK and Olivia

Sunday, November 2, 2008

EllaKate and I traveled to Greenville today to hang out with Lynn and Olivia. Lynn and I sewed while EK and Olivia played and played and played. They were absolutely adorable together. We ventured out for lunch and a Hobby Lobby run... thus the shopping cart pictures. We all had a ball together... Lynn and I got lots of sewing done and the girls loved destroying Olivia's room and jumping on the bed!!! Thanks Lynn- we had a fantastic day!!!

Phi Mu Family Day

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Savannah's sorority, Phi Mu, hosted a family day picnic in Dahlonega yesterday. It was a perfect Fall day! We met at a park to eat, meet other families, and hear about what their sorority has been busy doing. Savannah has some really cute friends and they all seemed so sweet. It was such a great day.