Monday, June 30, 2008

Earlier in the week, we received our Hartwell Sun (local newspaper) and EllaKate was front page reminding everyone of the parade for kids.

Saturday was the Pre Fourth Extravaganza in Hartwell. The celebration began Friday night with Dance on Depot (street dance) and then continued on Saturday with Kid Parade, lots of booths and games, and a fireworks show shot from the dam.

Also, Josh brought Zoe to see EllaKate Saturday afternoon- she LOVES that little puppy!!!

The Guest House

We have a guest house over the outside garage and Savannah wanted to live there when she is home. She moved into her new place this weekend. Here is a sneak peak into her new home! We got all her furniture in, organized, and went to Walmart last night @ 11:00 to get what she needed to keep house:-). She just came by on her way to work and was so happy. She slept so well and was glad she didn't have to tip toe around while getting ready. We are amazed she is so grown! Now if we can just get things done so we can all move!!!

PaPa is 92

My grandfather is 92 years old today. We celebrated yesterday @ my mom's house for lunch. He was recognized at our church as pastor emeritus. We are amazed he does so well- still driving, preaching, teaching, and works in his own garden.

House Update

Sunday, June 29, 2008

I began making trips to the house Friday with boxes I had packed inside and then moved to the little barn behind our house to move boxes that were in storage. Amelia came home around lunch time and she began helping me as well. Savannah was working and Rosemary allowed EllaKate to take a nap. I borrowed my daddy's truck and we moved about 12 loads. We were so tired when we finished but had that good accomplished feeling. We have also moved Savannah into the guest house this weekend. I will take a picture of her place when I go there today.

The house is coming along. The garages and the guest house are finished except for lighting. The hardwoods are done except for the last coat of poly and they will do that right before we move in. They finished painting all the ceilings on Friday and all the trim upstairs. I have seen some samples of my wall color painted on the walls and it is very exciting and scary- hope it turns out great:-). Carpet is supposed to go in on Wednesday but not sure the painting will be complete- we will see. It is just a day to day wait. I wake up and pray God will help me to "Be" just in today. I sometimes get caught up in the yesterday or what will be tomorrow and forget all I get is today so I better live today and let tomorrow come when it comes. BIG WORDS... right???

Family Pool Party

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Marcia and her kids, Rebecca and Samuel are here for a few days, so we sat by the pool last night and let the kids swim. It was a relaxing evening until Scott and I came in to work on our night projects: we hung two iron pieces in my kitchen, replaced light bulbs, finished changing hardware on the kitchen cabinets, and hung a toilet paper holder. Oh the many things that need to be done when you renovate... Scott is burning the candle at both ends- up @ 5:15 for the drive into Atlanta, back home by 5:30 for dinner, time @ the barn, and then all the things to be done around here. He is amazing in so many ways!!! Hope to begin the house tour tomorrow!!!


Monday, June 23, 2008

The girls are certainly enjoying their days outside now that we have a pool. EllaKate wears herself out so much, we brought the pack-n-play to the new house and she takes a nap poolside.

Our Anniversary Present

Sunday, June 22, 2008

We went to Elberton today and chose two slabs of granite for our counter tops. Can you tell anything about it? We picked slabs that are very different from any other I have seen in houses. They have porous areas where you can see down into the granite- really cool. EllaKate loved it because it has 'sparkles'. They will probably be installed week after next.

What else have we done? Scott and Jeff have cleaned out tons of junk in the cross base and garages. They have also hung a few light fixtures, pulled out all the carpet, installed bead board in the garage, and taken out the old stove. The men have sanded on the floors for 3 days and hopefully will put on the stain tomorrow. We shall see. I took about 10 boxes of kitchen things and put them in the top cabinets today. That was exciting!!! Things are coming along. We plan to spend time tomorrow enjoying our pool and our girls!!!

Happy Anniversary and LID

Saturday, June 21, 2008

We logged in for Shaylee one year ago today. I spent a lot of time today thinking about her and where she will be when we get our call. EllaKate talks about her little sister all the time. We can't wait for them to have each other!!! Wishing the Hendry family a happy LID day too. They are logged in with us and hope we all travel together to get Shaylee and Abby. We are praying for perfect timing and God's will for us to have the sweet girls He already has chosen for our families!!!

We have been married for 22 years today. We can't believe it has been so long... time flies when you're having fun! We weren't able to take a little trip due to our move and a party for Tony, so Scott planned a get away on the lake. We invited Jeff and Cathy (23rd anniversary on June 1) to go with us in the boat to a wonderful restaurant on the lake in South Carolina called The Galley. We all had a delicious meal and a fun time just talking and laughing. Can't think of a more romantic place to be with my best friend and precious husband than on the lake!!! Here are a few pictures from the evening...

Our New House

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

We took ownership of our new home yesterday @ 5pm. The girls and I were there shortly after- me cleaning and them swimming. Amelia came in and asked if she could invite a few friends over after youth group. Of course... well you see who will come if you invite and we were so happy to have them. We grilled hotdogs and enjoyed our first pool party. I have a feeling there are many more to come. Scott and Jeff began work on the house last night. They took up all the shoe molding and ripped out all the carpet. Contractors began sanding our hardwoods and painters began working in the guest house for Savannah this morning. Scott and Jeff are there hanging new lighting and will put bead board in the house garage this afternoon. I plan to go over and vacuum the cabinets and get them ready to organize. I know where the girls will be. If you are ever in the area... please stop by!!!

Today Scott and I are so thankful for our good friend, Jeff Lopes. He is such a giving person. He rode back and forth with Scott to Atlanta for a year and they became such great friends. He helped us get this house ready to live in, helped move us to Hartwell, and now begins helping with our new house. We left the new house last night about 11:30 and I said, "There goes one great friend." Scott said, "They come any better!!!" Not only is he helping us but he is getting on a plane Sunday to fly to Michigan and drive Jason and Amy home. Today we are so thankful Jeff, Cathy, and the boys moved here with us to Hartwell. Our whole family continues to be blessed by their friendship!

Happy Father's Day

Monday, June 16, 2008

Three very special men in my life: my daddy, my sweet husband, and my 92 year old grandfather. We all enjoyed a great lunch together @ my parents' house and then headed to the lake for the afternoon. Scott thoroughly enjoyed his day and so did we!!!

Pre-Fourth Bike Parade

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Savannah called me yesterday and said a lady @ the Hartwell Sun (local newspaper) needed a picture of a child with a decorated bike for the Pre-Fourth. Savannah told her we would be glad to take one of EllaKate. The Pre-Fourth is a celebration here in Hartwell held on the weekend before the fourth where there is a bike parade, lots of booths and food, and a dance on Depot Street plus fireworks show from the dam. I was so happy that I already had a dress for the 4th and I had to run to CVS to get things to decorate the bike. Here is what we came up with on such short notice. She will be in the paper next week.

The Funny Things they Say

Saturday, June 14, 2008

I tell people all the time- EllaKate makes me laugh every day! One morning this week, she was eating her breakfast and wanted a drink. She doesn't really want to drink water that much out of a sippy cup so I handed her a small water bottle. You should have seen her face- it lit up like I gave her a gigantic birthday present. She said, "Mom. I'm big now???" Needless to say, she doesn't want sippy cups anymore- only regular cups.

Yesterday morning I was getting ready so we could run to Commerce to the Polo outlet for Father's Day presents. I was putting on my clothes when EllaKate came into my room. As I put on my bra she said, "Are you putting on your goggles?" I almost fell on the floor laughing- amazing what she puts together and then comments on.

And lately, everyone EllaKate talks to, she tells them she has a new house and it has a pool. She is so excited to move soon. We get the house Wednesday and begin all the work. Painters and hardwood guys all begin bright and early Thursday morning. I will put up pictures Wednesday when it is our house... until then I am packing...

What's That Church House, Mom?

Friday, June 13, 2008

Since summer began with the girls being home each day, EllaKate has been sleeping until about 8. When she wakes up, she yells, "Mom, is it morning light?". I go in quickly to get her because she and Rosemary share a room and she usually sleeps for 2 more hours. She often has the most random statement or question when we are walking to the family room. Today she asked, "Where's that church house?" - I couldn't figure out what in the world she was talking about. She gets very frustrated if I don't know what she is talking about so I played along and told her I would find it????? As I walking to the kitchen I saw a little beach hut I had made for VBS and had brought home for EllaKate- that's what she is talking about!!! "EllaKate, I found your church house!!!"- she put on a little hat she made @ VBS and let me take pictures!!! Amazing how fun a few moving boxes can be!!!

We Have Moved

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

We moved to our house on Friday and have been without a computer and cable for a week! Finally up and running, I was able to put together a little slide show of pictures from our move and Jason and Amy's move. We want to thank Jeff, Oryan, Jordan, Preacher Ben, Susan, and Jan for the amazing job they did to help us get moved. There is no way we can ever repay you but plan to be there for each of you when the need arises!!! We are so happy to be in our house and getting settled. I plan to start a tour of the house next week and let you see it. Hope you enjoy the pics!

Swimming Lessons

Yes... EllaKate is taking swimming lessons from Amelia's tennis coach- Coach Harris. We talked about it all day yesterday and she was very excited! She and Rosemary waited by the pool for the lessons to start. I found a hiding spot so I could watch and not hinder the lesson. The very first thing they did was take her out in the pool and dunk her. Can I just say my stomach lurched into my throat as she came up sputtering, "I want my mommy!!!" at the top of her lungs??? She continued crying for a minute or so as she sat on the steps and then began to play with the rings and other children took a turn. It was the same pattern with each one. She practiced kicking with a swim ring and did very well. She really does LOVE the water- you have seen that with our lake pictures but she doesn't like to go under- so that will be the biggest hurdle during the lessons. Oh.. and the last thing they did was take her to the diving board and drop her off to the other teacher. EllaKate was crying when she went off and came up crying. I had huge tears in my eyes and told Rosemary I was about to cry- she said, "Don't Mom, she is fine." The tears still came but I am very thankful for what EllaKate will learn over the next two weeks. Our new house has a pool so it is very important that she has the lessons.

After dinner, we went down to our new house- 1 mile away- and began working in our yard. There are lots of trees and shrubs to be pruned so we got an early start. The more we get done now, the less there will be to do when we get there. We filled the back of Scott's truck many times with limbs. Afterwards, we let the girls swim in the pool and I didn't take any pictures. I will do that tonight.

This morning, we watched a slideshow of the pictures from her lesson yesterday. She is already saying, "I don't want swimming lessons"- 5000 times. Coach Harris said he has had kids cry 7 out of the 10 days but not every day so there is hope. I remember the big girls taking lessons and they did the same thing. You would think I had this mom thing down by now but it is a journey, right?

House Update

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

We are swamped with the move. Scott worked Mon and Tues but decided he needed to be here with everything going on. Here is a list of things done...
* granite was installed Tuesday and back splash goes in tomorrow am

*Painting is complete with the exception of trimming out the back of the stairs- will be done Sat am.

*Lights and fans are all installed- front ones by front door not working- need new bulbs- only get in Atlanta!!!
*Scott and Jeff worked until around 2am this morning getting the shoe mold in because the men will come today and put the last coat of poly on the floors.
*Sink and faucet are in and working.
*Bathrooms are all clean and usable...
*Carpet in and feels so good (says EllaKate)
*Half the kitchen is in the cabinets- may finish that today.

Amelia and Rosemary left with their youth group yesterday-Sunday for a mission trip so we were able to move them into their rooms Tuesday night and the only thing left is Amelia's beds.
Savannah was in Atlanta yesterday because Josh had a hernia repaired and is doing well although his family needs your prayers. His grandmother passed away yesterday as well. We lift them up in a very special way.

We are off to Real Deals to get a little furniture for our family room. Beth and I picked it out a few weeks ago and hope it is still there today. We will leave it loaded and move it in first thing in the morning.

Tomorrow is MOVE IN DAY!!! We are so excited and look forward to having the girls come home to their new house. Jason and Amy will be moving to our current house on Saturday. That will be great for them and we can take good care of them as we wait for that precious baby!!!

Our Weekend

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Our weekend was so fun. Scott had been looking @ golf carts for a while and received a call about one they had gotten in. He and Jeff rode down to take a look and guess what they came home with? You guessed it... the girls rode in it the whole weekend when we were home. We enjoyed a wonderful visit with Josh on Saturday too. We went to the lake, played the Wii, grilled hamburgers, and made homemade ice cream- YUM!!!

On Sunday, we were so busy. After church, we ate lunch and went to Rosemary's piano recital. It was a very surreal experience because I took lessons from the same teacher and was always so nervous when I played for the recital. Rosemary wasn't really nervous and played beautifully. We then went to our youth minister's baby shower and then to youth Swim Sundays party. EllaKate didn't really care that much about the pool, she played on the swing the whole time!!!