Family Time

Sunday, March 30, 2008

My sister, Marcia and her children, Rebecca and Samuel were in town this weekend. The kids were out of school on spring break so they came to spend time with us. We just pretty much hung out around the house and let the kids play. My girls were still in school so Rebecca and Samuel had to make it on their own during the day. Rebecca liked doing things with the girls and Samuel got to ride in the silage chopper with Jason. We had everyone over for dinner last night so Jason and Amy drove in from Atlanta. It was a great family time- something we greatly cherish! By the way, Amy is 18 weeks along in her pregnancy and looks so cute. She and Jason brought the nursery things they had bought to show us. We are all getting so excited!!!

EK~ A Photo Shoot

Thursday, March 27, 2008

You would never know by looking at EllaKate that she has been sick since Tuesday with a fever, cough, congestion, and sneezing. The dr said it is viral and just needs to run its course. While watching EK videos, I shot these cute photos. Miss personality!!!

Thankful Thursday

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Thankful Thursday will come in 4 posts.

Last week was Savannah's Spring Break and she came home to spend it with us!!! Let me tell you how wonderful it is to have an 18 year old daughter that you LOVE to be with- PRICELESS!!! We had a fabulous week together. We went to lunch each day, out to Atlanta one day for a little shopping, and just sat around talking for ever! It was one of the best weeks of my life- to be hanging out with this great girl who just happens to be my daughter!!! How great is that? It's a God Thing!!! I praise Him today for blessing Scott and I with a daughter who is more than we prayed for and living a life glorifying all God has made her to be. Today I am very thankful for my firstborn: Savannah Lee Ankerich. Hope you have a blessed day sweetheart!!!

I am so thankful Amelia has made such an amazing adjustment to small town life. We have jokingly told them we were moving back to Atlanta because our house has not sold, but she always says, "No way!"- I will just live with Memommy and Pop:-). Amelia has made so many wonderful friends. I am so thankful she made the HCHS Tennis Team. The girls on the team are so sweet and build each other up to be the best they can be. The coaches are awesome too. Amelia is so happy to have practice or a match to go to each day. It has been a wonderful experience for her. I am thankful God blessed Scott and I with a most precious daughter, Amelia Frances Ankerich!!!

Sweet Rosemary. We spent the day together yesterday to and from Loganville so she could get a physical to try out for HCMS Cheerleading next week. I am amazed what a beautiful young teenager she has grown into!!! She makes me laugh until my sides hurt and my eyes are full of tears. I am so thankful she too has made such a great adjustment and made some precious friends! They had a friend picture day back a few weeks ago and payed $6 per picture for Relay for Life. Here are two of the six she had made. Her friends are really sweet too and they all get along so well. They have really made Rosie feel like she has been here all along. I am so thankful God blessed Scott and I with our sweet Rosemary Grace Ankerich!!!

Where have two years gone so fast? Two years ago today, we celebrated the day our precious Qian Shuang Jiang was placed in our arms. Lots of people call it Gotcha Day- we call it EllaKate Day. I spent forever yesterday trying to put video on my computer to no avail and today I worked forever trying to figure out how to do a fancy slideshow in Adobe (thanks Deb even though I couldn't figure it out) but to no avail SO... I put some pictures together the old fashion way. I hope you enjoy watching one of the most precious days in my life.

How did we celebrate? EllaKate and I looked through our albums that I have made. We also got out all the videos we shot in China and watched them all. Scott got PF Changs take out and brought it home for dinner. We all sat and watched the videos again. EllaKate was so sweet watching herself. She kept saying over and over, "Look mommy, EllaKate got a mommy and a daddy."!!! How sweet is that? I absolutely bawled both times when I watched the part when she was placed in my arms. The first time, EllaKate handed me a tissue and said, "Daddy will be home in a minute." She knows who holds us all together doesn't she??? I tell her the story of us going all the way to China to get her all the time. Today she was able to watch it. I am so thankful God chose Scott and I to adopt our precious little girl all the way in China. What an amazing blessing!!! It has been a take-my-breath-away kind of day!!!


Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Our precious little puppy Z passed away from parvo on Easter morning. He had started feeling ill on Friday and by Saturday, he was very ill. Scott took him to the vet and they kept him for IV and antibiotics. He was just too sick. Amelia has taken it very hard and EllaKate just asks all the time about her little puppy. We miss him so much!

He is risen! He is risen indeed!!!

Here are a few pictures from Easter. We went to our church for a wonderful service and then to my parents' house for a delicious meal!

Egg Hunt

Sunday, March 23, 2008

It was a beautiful day for an egg hunt! EllaKate loved finding eggs but loved eating the candy more. She would definitely rather be outside than inside.

Hot Shots Pictures

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

We have been to Hot Shots 5 times this week for Rosemary and EllaKate to get pictures made in all of their costumes. Here are pictures of the girls in 3 of them- missed 2 of Rosie's. I will post the ones I buy when I get them.

Lunch w/ Friends

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Savannah, EllaKate, and I went to Atlanta today so I could get my hair done. Afterwards, we met Joan and Ellie, Lucy and Ally, and Sheryl and Linzi. We had a great lunch and the time together was so sweet. It was truly amazing to be sitting around the table with our precious daughters including Savannah. How GREAT is our God!!! Then we were off to shop for an Easter dress for Savannah.

March First Friday

Saturday, March 8, 2008

We came into town yesterday for March First Friday at the William's home. There was a big crowd! The Randalls were there with their new baby, Ellie, home from China just over a week. It was so great to hear about their trip and know we will all come home with that precious blessing sooner or later. Scott said and I agreed, when a family finally brings home a child, our group becomes closer and closer- priceless!!! Thanks to the Randalls for allowing us to meet precious Ellie and see big sister, Katie too.

Totally Tennis

Friday, March 7, 2008

Amelia picked up a racket back in October for the first time in her life and took tennis lessons. She got a new racket for Christmas and tried out for the High School tennis team. She made it and began matches last week. This week she played doubles twice with her best friend and they won both matches!!! When Amelia puts her mind to something, you can just bet she will do VERY well. We are so proud of her and happy that she has found another sport to put her heart into.