Wednesday, October 31, 2007

We celebrated our 2nd Halloween with EllaKate and she understood much better this year. We had two costumes to pick from and we really wanted her to wear the Tinkerbell outfit, but wouldn't you know, we couldn't find the shoes when it was time to get ready. I decided to let her wear the ladybug costume instead. Just before we were to head to our church for Trunk-or-Treat, I changed her into Tinkerbell once again and put her silver shoes on her. She was adorable!!! Rosemary and Amelia went to the Methodist church for a Mexican fiesta and then on to a few haunted houses. It was a hauntingly wonderful night.

Happy birthday Pop and Jessica

Monday, October 29, 2007

We celebrated Pop's (my dad) 71st birthday and Jessica's 18th birthday on Sunday. My sister Marcia was here so we helped Mama cook up a wonderful lunch for the family. It was a wonderful day.


Saturday, October 27, 2007

We drove into Town yesterday for EllaKate's neurology appointment with Dr. Berensen. We saw the nurse practitioner first to get some history of what has been going on and then Dr. Berensen came in. He went over the same facts and basically told us he didn't think the spells Ella is having are seizure related although he still wants to have the EEG done. He is trying to move that test up to Nov. 16- right now we are scheduled for Nov. 27. He seems to think EllaKate has been having blackouts or fainting spells which he believes are heart related. I tried to call our pediatrician Dr. Morgan but she out until Tuesday. I want the cardiologist to get aggressive and try to find out what is going on. We will continue the Holter monitor and hopefully get a good reading so Dr. Dooly will have some valuable information. In the meantime, we continue to wait for answers.

EK Update

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Since the Holter monitor has been on, we have had three episodes where her heart has been racing really for no reason with the latest one happening today during nap. I have called in a reading for two of the times and today I was able to talk a little with the people who read the EKG. I actually had a couple of the wires hooked up incorrectly but she helped me fix them. She said that if there was a concern, she would tell me right away and then call the doctor. From the two readings so far, there had been no reason to contact them. That is good news and yet no news. We do have a neurology appointment scheduled for next Thursday and the EEG is Nov. 27, so hopefully we will get some more info at that time. Until then, we continue to go about our day and pray God will lead us to the right doctors and that EllaKate will be healed completely!

Hartwell Hoedown

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Sunday night was the perfect fall evening. The breeze was light, the temp was cool, and the sky was clear. Four churches - Cross Roads, our old church Duluth 1st Baptist, one from Gainesville, and one from Grayson all came for the Hoedown. Two of the groups pitched tents and spent the night. The evening was filled with a cookout, games and music, a hayride, and roasting marshmallows. Jason, my brother, had two tractors with big trailers on the back loaded with hay to take everyone on a ride. Amelia and Rosemary invited new friends they have made, and Savannah and two of her friends, Bailey and Ashley came for it too! I couldn't believe the amazing sky filled with the most beautiful stars I have ever seen. I can certainly say you can see the night sky much better here than where we lived in Atlanta. We had a wonderful time!!!

Pumpkin Patch

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Today was a great day for a pumpkin patch visit. Suzanne Cain told us about a great place called Washington Farm in Watkinsville, so we took the girls. We couldn't believe all the people there, and to top it all off, we ran into some old friends from Duluth (live in Watkinsville now), Cathy and Dave Graves. It was so great to see them. We got a wheelbarrow which EllaKate loved and we pushed it out into the patch. There were tons of pumpkins to choose from. I am not kidding when I say EllaKate chose her pumpkin in about 30 seconds, Rosemary found hers next, and then we found the family pumpkin. It is huge and will be full of wonderful pumpkin seeds which we LOVE to roast and eat. The girls love carving and decorating the pumpkins.

A Busy Day

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Today we had to take EllaKate down to Scottish Rite for a CT scan per Dr. Morgan's orders. We left home around 6am and my mom was here to get the girls off to school. We got to the hospital around 8:15 and signed in. They took us back to radiology and called us into the room. The nurse explained that EllaKate was to be sedated for the test but they wanted to try her without it first. We took her in and showed her the table where she would lay and told her she would need to be very still. Well, the nurse layed her down, strapped her papoose style, and strapped her head as well. I was able to place my hand on her face, sing to her, and that baby didn't move a muscle, so we were out of there in about 10 minutes!!! We won't know the results for about 2 days.

EllaKate had not been able to eat or drink before the test so she was starving. We ate brunch @ Mimi's Cafe and then went down to visit Dick, Chaunda, and Jamie @ CCAI, our adoption agency. It was so ironic that we walked in and Dick said he had just emailed us about EllaKate. It was great to sit and visit with them a few minutes.

Afterwards, we ran a few errands and headed out to Snellville for an appointment with Dr. Dooly, the cardiologist. EllaKate had to get another EKG and some other test, and then we saw Dr. Dooly. He did not see anything on this EKG but was not satisfied since I told him EllaKate had another spell yesterday afternoon. He hooked her up to a Holter monitor that she is to wear for 30 days. If there are other spells, we will push a button on the monitor that will immediately take an EKG and then we have to call in and transmit the information to a monitoring center. They will then relay the info to Dr. Dooly and he will call us if there is a concern. I am so relieved that there is something that will record what is happening when she has these spells. We still don't know when the EEG will happen. We are very thankful to have seem so many wonderful people today that are doing all they can to find out what is going on with our sweet baby girl!!!

A Fun Weekend

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Saturday the girls and I made playdough for EllaKate. She thought it was absolutely wonderful! She asked if she could eat, we said no, and she said, "OK". Being a kindergarten teacher I of course had to teach her the basics of playing with playdough- balls and snakes. We also practiced writing her name with the snakes. The great thing about homemade playdough is it a lot less messy than the bought kind. Scott and the girls went on a bike ride around town. EllaKate and I asked for a bike too- maybe we will get one from Santa.

Update on EK

Saturday, October 6, 2007

EllaKate and I went to see Dr. Morgan yesterday for a follow up to the emergency room visit. My mom rode with us and sat in the back to entertain EllaKate. It was a most pleasant hour and a half drive to say the least! Anyway, after talking with Dr. Morgan and going over the incident once again, she could not come to a diagnosis without some more tests. So she has ordered a CT scan to be done on Thursday @ 9:30 @ Scottish Rite and an EEG still to be scheduled because they are booked until the second week in Nov (so we are on the cancellation list). We left thinking we were definitely looking at a seizure of some kind. That is actually what she wrote as the diagnosis on the bill.

Then last night she called back to say she had just gotten the EKG from the hospital and she saw a concern with a conduction delay on the EKG. We are not at all sure what that means but she was trying to consult with a cardiologist today and we may be scheduled to see him next week as well. That kind of makes sense in that EllaKate was really active running around, jumping, and climbing and then all of a sudden it was all over. It was as if she just collapsed and her heart may not have been able to work properly. All I am doing is guessing just trying to make sense of it all. The thing is there is no sense in it until we have some tests run and allow the doctors to determine what is going on. Until all that takes place, we go right on with everything business as usual.

We are thankful for the weekend. Scott gets to stay home with us, the girls get to sleep in, there is no schedule, Savannah is coming home tomorrow for an overnight, and EllaKate is safe and sound here with us at home. God is so good- it could be so much worse so we are thankful for the blessings we have and count them carefully today!!! Thank you to everyone for the sweet comments, phone calls, and most all of prayers!!! Keep praying- God is the maker of miracles!!!

Update on EllaKate:
Dr. Morgan scheduled us for a CT scan Wednesday morning @ 9:30 @ Scottish Rite. There are no EEG appts until 2nd week in November so we are on the cancellation list should one come up before that, and we are still waiting to hear if we need to see a cardiologist about the concern on the EKG.

God is SO good!

Thursday, October 4, 2007

I met a sweet friend Debbie and little LiLi at Mall of Georgia for a playdate yesterday morning. Debbie got there a little while before me, so she and LiLi were hanging out at Starbuck's waiting. EllaKate and I finally arrived, got a coffee and chocolate milk, and we all headed down to the play area. Debbie and I sat and talked while the girls were playing. I was looking at Debbie for a minute and glanced back to see Ella lying on the floor. I thought she was just playing so I walked over fully expecting her to jump and laugh. That was not the case. I called her but she did not respond. I grabbed her and she was completely limp. I was trying to control my emotions so I could stay in control of what was happening.

The 'God is SO good' part was that Debbie was there with me to see what was happening. She said she thought Ella had just had a seizure similar to what LiLi has been having. (Pray for them as LiLi has an EEG this morning after two days of sleep deprivation.) I think I was in denial and tried to rationalize it away. After a few minutes, Ella was back to self and wanted down to play. I let her down and within a few minutes she had had two other episodes and Debbie suggested I call Dr. Morgan. I did and she sent us down to Scottish Rite. Debbie drove us down there and Scott met us. We were taken back and they ran blood work tests and an EKG. Everything checked out great. We were sent home without any answers. Dr. Morgan called us on the way home to say she had spoken with the emergency room doctor, and there was nothing evident with the tests. She suggested we see her, which we are doing today, and she will probably order an EEG just like LiLi.

So as I was saying, 'God is SO good'~ how amazing that He put me with Debbie and LiLi just at the right moment and even if it turns out to be something other than seizures, I am so thankful to have had such a precious person in my life yesterday to be the strong, controlled, and caring arm of Christ to be there during a very scary time!

Update: We went to see Dr. Morgan today and she is concerned that we need to get to the bottom of what might be going on with EllaKate. She has ordered a CT scan and EEG. So we will be doing the same thing that Debbie and LiLi just went through this morning. Debbie emailed everyone to say LiLi did beautifully and is sleeping so soundly now that they are back home. I know I will be talking to her frequently over the next days to prepare for what lies ahead. Oh, and EllaKate is sleeping soundly too!