Vacation Monday

Monday, July 30, 2007

Monday @ the Beach We started the day with a great 3 mile walk. EllaKate loves to ride in her stroller! She greets everyone we meet with, "Good Morgan!"- instead of Good Morning. So cute!!! Scott and Rosie went along too. We came back, ate breakfast, and headed to the beach. 6 people, 6 chairs, 6 towels, 3 boogie boards, sand toys, and beach bags..... it took so effort to get there. EllaKate LOVES the sand and water. She played and played with her buckets and shovel. No one sound came out of her- she was so serious about her play! She discovered her pool boat and wanted it blown up. Scott did and they took her to the pool. I have already finished one book and on to the second!!! I just finished a Focus on the Family book called Saving Levi by Bentley about a Chinese orphan left to die in a field, found and taken to an orphanage, and adopted by the American family there running the facility. A heartwarming story!!!

Tuesday @ the Beach It was a beautiful day! Sunshine all day, and the girls loved jumping waves. Our schedule for the day is usually beach by 10, lunch @ 12:30, Ella and Scott nap @ 1 while the rest of us head back to the beach, Ella and Scott back to the beach by 2:30, and we are back up by 4:30 so we can eat dinner early. Each day we wait for the lemon ice cart to come by so we can enjoy a cold treat in the hot sun. EllaKate LOVED them!!! Tonight we went to Lee's Inlet Kitchen and had blackened and grilled seafood. It was delicious!!! The girls are not too big on seafood so it is getting a little old to them. We had to make a Walmart run and then back to the condo to make homemade ice cream. Susan, Tony, and Ansleigh made it here about 8:00. We look forward to another great day @ the beach tomorrow!

Thursday @ the Beach Can it be Thursday already??? Where has the week gone? We are having a ball! Savannah loves reading in her chair on the beach, while Amelia and Rosie constantly go from the ocean to the pool and back all day, and EllaKate is so content to just sit in the sand and dig. She loves walking with her dad and picking up shells. She had the biggest fit today because when she put shells in her bucket of water, they sank, BUT when she put sticks in, they floated, and that made her so ill. How do you explain float and sink to a 28 mth old? She wanted everything to go to the bottom of the bucket. Scott showed EllaKate how to make a sandcastle with wet sand, and she was very good at it. I thought the picture of their hands was so sweet!!! Priceless.

The 3 big girls went with Susan and Jennifer to High Steppin' Country tonight, so Scott and I are here with a sleeping baby, eating lemon pie and drinking coffee. Until tomorrow....


Sunday, July 29, 2007

We left for our vacation this morning about 9:30 and arrived in Myrtle Beach, SC @ 4:30. What took us so long? Well, Scott was traveling with five girls... We always stay in Garden City, south of Myrtle Beach in a condo high rise called Surf Master. Scott's mom and dad bought it about 13 years ago and left it to the children when they passed. We will be here until next Sunday. Susan and Tony are coming Tuesday. The beach is one of my favorite places in all the world. I sit on the beach and look out on the amazing expanse of the ocean -How could anyone see it and not believe God is real? It is breath taking every time I see it!

After we unpacked the car, we decided to go for food. We ate @ Nance's, went by the grocery store, and went shopping @ Wings. The girls always want a new SC shirt every year. They found shirts and discovered a henna tattoo artist and decided to get one. Yes, I know you are thinking.... you all let them get tattoos??? Yes, in the past they have always wanted hair wraps and now it is tattoos... actually they look more like they drew on their foot with a sharpie marker and will disappear in about 3 weeks. Savannah- a sun, Amelia- a flower, and Rosemary- a butterfly. We are looking forward to a great day of sun, surf, and fun!!!


Saturday, July 28, 2007

We went to my brother's pool again with Marcia and kids plus some more cousins! We have really been blessed to visit with so many relatives lately. My cousin, Suzanne and 3 of her daughters came to swim with us. Suzanne has 7 children, 4 girls and 3 boys, and she homeschools all of them. She is one amazing person! We are so glad to be so close to each other again since I moved home. We were best friends growing up and plan to hang out more.

Our niece, Jennifer from Charlotte, NC was in town visiting yesterday and came by to see us. She has two children, Carson and Robert. Ella and Carson are pretty close in age and Robert is 7 months. Ella and Carson kind of played along side each other dressing up and such. Ella was so interested in Robert. She sat and watched whatever he did. It was fun catching up on all the news!

My sister Marcia has been visiting this week with her children Rebecca and Samuel. Rebecca brought her teddy bear with and guess who decided she would take it??? Yes, EllaKate. Rebecca was a little worried and EllaKate was determined to keep him. So.... while shopping one day, Marcia and I found a bigger bear than Rebecca's for Ella. We bought him and sure enough, Ella loved him and really hasn't been without him since. We named him Max and as you can see, he is the same size as Ella. I was amazed that I got such sweet smiles from Ella during this photo session.

Thankful Thursday~ My Sister

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Marcia. I have told my mom too many times to count thanks for having her. My sister is the sweetest of friends and loves me unconditionally. We talk almost everyday about everything and sometimes nothing. She lives in Summerville, SC with her husband, Chris and two children, Rebecca and Samuel. What I love about her: she is genuine, she loves plants and gardening, she loves her children and husband to pieces, she keeps a great house, she is a nurse, she has a really big heart... She has diabetes and struggles with her illness at times- who doesn't??? She is so understanding when we pass judgement on her about how she takes care of herself. I am always telling her she has to take care of herself, because she can't leave me here without her!!!

For there is no friend like a sister
In calm or stormy weather;

To cheer one on the tedious way,

To fetch one if one goes astray,

To lift one if one totters down

To strengthen whilst one stands.

~ Christina Rosetti

I am so thankful for my sister!!!


Wednesday, July 25, 2007

amazes me everyday! I wish I would finally learn to write down every little thing she says and does. She is speaking in 4-5 word sentences. "I want Mamama to come." "Aunt Susan give it to me." "Dada work on airplane." One day while getting out of the car to come in for lunch I asked her what she wanted to eat. She said, "I want gwaps. I love gwaps." She says she loves or likes things all the time. Do you sometimes marvel at the thought of how much babies and toddlers learn over a period of time?

She knows everything we talk about even when she doesn't seem to be listening. One day while I was scrapbooking, I gave her some pictures to sit and look at. Some of the pics from China were in the pile. I really wasn't paying attention to what she was doing until I heard the word Chongqing. I looked down at the picture she was holding and sure enough, she was looking at some buildings in Chongqing, her city in China. I was awestruck!!! I held the picture and asked her again to tell me about it and she said Chongqing again. And every time since then when we show someone the picture she says the same thing. The amazing part is that to my knowledge no one has told her about that picture- a fascinating thought!!!

She is completely in love with our new house. We have a sunroom on the back of the house that is completely windows floor to ceiling. It is almost like being outside. We placed shelves around the back of our furniture near the windows and I think she really loves playing back there. She seems to be so settled and secure. We really think she has come out so much since the move. Maybe the one level makes a difference that we didn't really realize. The smallness of the house keeps us all in pretty close proximity.

After 16 months home, she is finally sleeping in her bed most of the night. She is still drinking a sippy cup of milk morning, mid-afternoon, and night. I think it is mostly a comfort thing. I am completely ok with that for now. I guess all I can say is... Blessed Beyond Belief!

A Little about Amelia

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Amelia and I went to Elberton today to take her learner's permit test. We went in and there were only 2 other people there. We filled out some paper work and the lady had Amelia step to a computer to take her test. She said the computer let her know after each question if she got it right or not. She missed the 1st and got a little scared, but not to fear! She passed, got her picture made, and walked out with her permit! We are so proud of her and she is ready to hit the road!!! Way to go Amelia!!!

On Tuesday, we went to Hart County High School to register Amelia for classes. Because we are a little late getting this done, there were few choices for electives. I think she may have gotten a chorus theater class and some sort of PE. We will be going to orientation next Teusday evening.

A Great Weekend/ SMW

Monday, July 23, 2007

On Saturday we cut grass, moved some things in storage down to our house, and organized the shop behind our house. A very productive day!!! Sunday we went to Atlanta to let Rosemary sing at our church, FBC Duluth. Every summer our church has kids come for a week long camp 9-3 called Summer Music Workshop. They learn an entire musical and perform it on Sunday evening. Yesterday morning was a sneak preview. Rosemary was a part of the cast as Page Turner. We were excited to hear the whole thing!

During the afternoon, we ate lunch, ran some errands, and went by to visit with Jason and Amy. They had just gotten a really cute boxer puppy named Tiger. The girls loved playing with him. EllaKate really didn't know what to think. He is pretty small compared to big Fisher.

Then we headed to the performance so Rosemary could have a mic check and have her hair and make-up done. When we saw her walk out on the stage, we couldn't believe it was her- she looked so mature..... and then she began her lines for the musical and we really couldn't believe it. How did she learn all that? It was truly amazing!!! We were so proud of her and all the kids. The musical had such a great message of God's great love for us and the sacrifice Jesus made for us to be His children. We will miss all the wonderful things that go with FBC Duluth, but look forward to what God has in store for us here in Hartwell.

EK's 1st Salon Haircut

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Today I took EllaKate to Depot Designs Salon for her first salon haircut. Our friend Sheryl Brooks had taken Madelyn for her first cut, and it went very well. She told me that Karen had cut it, so I asked for her as well. When we went in, EllaKate was very quiet and sat in the chair without moving. Karen put the cape on her, wet her hair with a spray bottle, cut her hair into a bob, and then blow dried it. I brought home some of her hair to put in her scrapbook. When we left, we had a short photo session out on the steps. I think she looks adorable!!!

Happy Birthday Savannah

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Our Fourths will ALWAYS be happy because our first sweet daughter was born on that day 18 years ago. I remember the morning well. We got up around 5:30 and I was actually going downtown with Scott, but it was raining and my back was hurting. I decided to just hang out and wait on him to come back so we could head to Hartwell. Well... about 7:00am, my back was hurting worse and I called my neighbor who said we might need to go to the hospital. She did take me, I was admitted, and told I would have the baby that day. Boy did I panic... Scott finally found a payphone (back in the day when there were no cell phones), and there was no answer at home. He called my neighbor's house, and her husband told Scott I had gone to the hospital early that morning. He panicked then... He hopped in his truck and headed to the hospital. He was there by 10:30, sweaty, and needing a shower. He actually took one in the bathroom in my room and changed clothes. We had a beautiful baby girl @ 3:10pm and named her Savannah Lee Ankerich.

Now the tradition is to rise very early and go with Scott to the Peachtree Road Race. He has run it 23 years. There were years when I ran with him and one when Savannah ran with him. This year we spent the night with Jason and Amy and then went down with our good friends the Lopes family. Scott, Jeff, Morgan, and Jordan all ran together. They did very well!

After the race, we came back to Hartwell for more birthday festivities. We celebrated lunch with my family and dinner with Scott's family. We took the boat out too! It was great to be celebrating in our new town!!!

We took the girls downtown to celebrate Savannah's birthday @ Old Spaghetti Factory. Jason and Amy came along too. We usually eat pasta on 4th Eve so Scott will be carbohydrated for the Peachtree Road Race

What could be better than turning 18? Getting a new car for your 18th birthday!!! Scott and Savannah went looking for the car she wanted (black Xterra) for college, and they found it on Wednesday. Savannah called me from the dealership to say Scott had bought the car! We picked it up on Thursday after it was detailed. She has been so willing to run errands for me during the move.