Memorial Day

Thursday, May 31, 2007

My sister, Marcia was in town with her children, Becca and Samuel, so we took them out in the boat on Lake Hartwell. Here are some pics of the kids riding the tube.

Savannah Senior Recognition

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

On Sunday we celebrated Senior Recognition Day with a pancake breakfast, big group Sunday school, a contemporary service, and a luncheon. During the worship service, each of the seniors introduced each other and told what they would be doing after high school. Savannah also sang in the high school choir too. After service, we enjoyed a wonderful lunch, looked @ all the tables decorated for each senior by their family, and listened as one parent went up and spoke a blessing upon their child. It was a very touching day, and needless to say, I cried a lot! Where has the time gone? How could Savannah be ready to graduate? We are so proud of her!!! We look forward to watching God's plan for her life unfold!!!

We also got to go to Mill Creek and decorate her locker. She found a little surprise inside when she opened it this morning.

Savannah's Graduation

Saturday, May 26, 2007

What a beautiful evening to celebrate Savannah's graduation. There was a light breeze and the sun was just setting. Savannah was the fifth to walk the stage to receive her diploma. She was an honor graduate with 601 other seniors graduating. It was a wonderful ceremony with great speakers. Mama, Daddy, Marcia and kids, Susan, Tony, Jason, Amy, and Morgan were all there. As Scott and I walked away, we felt like we should feel differently since we now had a graduate daughter, but we didn't. I guess that feeling may hit us when we leave her alone @ North Georgia. We'll cross that bridge when it comes along.

End of School

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Today was the last day of school for the girls, and everyone graduated. Savannah-high school, Amelia- middle school, and Rosie- elementary school (Savannah and I went to see her last walk @ Duncan Creek). I guess EllaKate and I could say we graduated our first full year at home with each other. What an amazing feeling it is for each child to come home this last day with a melancholy spirit, ready for summer but sure to miss what has been left behind. Everyone has an unknown ahead of them: Scott- driving to Atlanta each day for work, Me and EllaKate- home every day in Hartwell, Savannah- first year of college @ NG, Amelia- freshman @ Hart Co HS, and Rosemary- 6th grade @ Hart Co MS. EllaKate and I will certainly be glad to wake up in the morning with the house full of sisters! We look forward to a summer that will pass as our lives change forever. We say goodbye to this school year and look forward to what is to come. Happy Summer everyone!!!

Adoption Update

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

We began our dossier adventure @ the beginning of February with CCAI orientaion. Four months later, the documents are notarized, certified(twice), and authenticated. Beth Hendry and I both sent our documents to CCAI Atlanta yesterday, and I received word today that it arrived there and has already begun the critical review stage. The dossier will go through the following steps:

1. Check-in: Make sure all necessary documents are present.
2. Critical Review: Dossier looked through 3 times for mistakes or errors.
3. Binding: Dossier is bound together in a red folder with photos mounted and documents in correct order for CCAA.
4. Mail to Denver: Sent via FedEx for translation into Chinese.
5. Translation: A summary translation is completed.
6. Mailing: Dossier is carefully packaged and sent to China via international express mail where it will be logged in.
THEN... we wait for ShayleeJoy ______ Ankerich. Thank You Jesus!

Rosie's Awards

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Yesterday was Rosie's Day! Savannah, EllaKate and I went to Rosie's fifth grade awards celebration. Rosie earned the Principal's Award for the 4th nine weeks and All As and Bs for the entire year. Probably the best award she received was The Cardinal of the Year Award for citizenship. She and her friend Emily both received the award for Mrs. Hendry's class.

Later last night, we enjoyed Rosie's piano recital. Boy did that bring back memories for me. Rosie played so beautifully. We are amazed how much she has learned and improved for her first year taking lessons. Donna Babb has been a fabulous teacher!!!We will miss her, but Rosie plans to take piano when we move to Hartwell. The night ended with a delicious yogurt treat from TCBY!

On Sunday we attended Rosie's GA (Girls in Action) luncheon after the worship service. She and Hannah always went to GAs on Wednesday nights to learn about missionaries all around the world. Rosie and Hannah earned charms for their bracelets for the hard work they did on all their projects.

Amelia's Gymnastics Banquet

Amelia had her gymnastics banquet Saturday evening. She worked so hard this past year and received a trophy. We are saying goodbye to Spivey's and hello to Bell Family YMCA in Hartwell. Amelia will be practicing 4 days a week starting in June and is very excited about this new adventure!

Savannah's Graduation Party

In celebration of Savannah's graduation, we hosted a party for her Saturday evening. She had so much fun and enjoyed visiting with everyone! You may wonder why I haven't blogged this week... Well, Savannah is home because she has no finals and we have been shopping for college!!! Can you picture us??? Mom of a college freshman and two year old shopping for dorm stuff. What a wonderful life!!!

EK's New Kitchen

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

We wanted to get EllaKate a kitchen for her birthday. I went to Toys R Us and found the perfect one. Wouldn't you know... they had just sold the last and would not get any more in for a while. I called later in the week, and no store in Georgia had one. I decided to order online, and it was delivered today! When I opened the VERY heavy box, it must have had over 50 pieces.
Well.... I thought I could do it with a little help... I called Jason because Scott is out of town. It took us about an hour or so to assemble.
Needless to say, EllaKate LOVES her new kitchen. I could hardly get her to sleep tonight. I know what we will be doing all day tomorrow!!!

Scott's New Boat

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Scott is so excited about his new boat and teaching all the girls how to ski. He got up the first time yesterday, and the girls couldn't believe their eyes. We had a great weekend on the lake.