Sad and Happy...

Thursday, November 30, 2006

Scott and I got the call last night that his mom, MaMa Ankerich, had passed away. Many of you will remember she became ill while we were all in Myrtle Beach on vacation this summer. She has been in and out of the hospital ever since. This was one of many times she fell ill since Mr. Ankerich died 3 years ago. We are all very sadden with her loss, but rejoice that she is healed in heaven with Jesus Christ and is reunited with PaPa Ankerich. Christmas was her favorite holiday, so we will miss her especially at this time of year. As a friend of mine explained to her little son, "She will be celebrating Jesus' birthday in person in heaven this year!" What a wonderful thought!!! We will always remember all the wonderful things about her, especially how much she loved her grandchildren, greatgrands, greatgreatgrands, AND greatgreatgreatgrands!!!What a great legacy she has left here and big shoes for me to fill as her son's wife. I pray I can be the wife and mother she has always been, because I am married to the most AMAZING man. I am so thankful she had him and allowed me to love him for the rest of my life!!! We will miss Louise Frances Ankerich forever.

A Little Under the Weather

Monday, November 27, 2006

During the holidays the girls seem to always get a cold. EllaKate is following in her sisters' footsteps. Probably due to the weather changes.... Ella has a cold and sounds a little croupy, so I am giving her treatments. Hopefully she will feel better soon! I started out holding the mouth piece for her, but she soon decided she could do it herself!!!

Thanksgiving~ EK's First

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Thankful for....

T= The one and only God
H= Husband that is so precious to me!
A= Answered prayers and blessings
N= Nights @ home with our family
K= My Kitchen- the heart of our home!
F= Four beautiful daughters!!!
U= Unforgetable memories from China
L= Loving family and friends

As the blog says... Blessings Beyond Belief!!!

Trimming the Tree

Saturday, November 11, 2006

Today we worked all morning cleaning the house, while Scott worked outside cleaning up all the leaves (monumental!). We all got dressed and made a snack lunch. Then it was time to trim the tree.

I actually put it up on Wednesday so Ella could get used to it before we put all the ornaments on it. She has loved the tree; stopping by to look at it and touch often. She and I made up a little song to the tune of Jingle Bells: Christmas Tree, Christmas trip, La La La La La, Christmas Tree, Christmas trip, La La La La La (Ella can really sing it with me!).

Anyway, we had a ball trimming the tree and eating cookies that the girls made. Now we are off to play a little prank of Jason and Amy. They are away for the weekend, so we are taking a tree Scott has over to their house and put it up in the middle of their family room. Amelia suggested we TP it. We think that will look great! After that, we are going to look at some new furniture for Rosemary and EllaKate, then to eat dinner. What a BIG day!!!

Reflection Entry, JR Beta Club, and Field Trip

Saturday, November 4, 2006

On Saturday, we all took Rosie to the Hudgen's Art Center to see her reflections's entry. The theme was My Favorite Place.... Rosie drew a picture of herself in bed dreaming of being in Paris, France. We were so proud of her! Click on this picture to see all the girls together.

On Monday evening we took Rosemary to her Jr. Beta Club Induction Ceremony. She was chosen for this honor because of her academic success and leadership skills. We were so proud of her. Here she is with her Math teacher, Mr. Furr who is the staff sponser of the club. Jules and Leah are two of Tosemary's best friends!!! They were all happy to share this wonderful evening together, especially since they didn't have to go to school the next day!!!

On Wednesday, Rosie went on a field trip with her focus class to
Dahlonega for a snake exhibit, lunch at The Smith House, a scavenger
hunt around town, and a tour of a goldmine where she panned for
gold. While on the tour, the guide turned off the lights and really scared them, especially since they saw bats hanging from the top of the cave. Scott went with her and they really enjoyed their time together.