Trick or treat

Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Halloween was so fun with all the girls last night. Savannah, Amelia, and Rosie were all invited to different things, but they all said they needed to be home for their little sister's first Halloween. We ate chili and rice before heading our for trick-or-treating. Rosie was a sleepover queen along with her friend, Jules. EllaKate was Minnie Mouse carrying an Elmo bucket. I went with them for half of the street and Scott went the other half. When EllaKate was finished, Rosie went to her friend, Jules' house to t-o-t, and Amelia's friend, Jessica came over to go out. Savannah had homework and EllaKate went to sleep @ 8:00. All in all, it was a frightfully wonderful night!!!

Rosie @ School for Halloween

EllaKate and I went to school to watch Rosemary give her speech to classes that came by to see the goldmine camp. She and her friend set up a Chinese camp exhibit, so she was able to take all the wonderful things we got in China to show. After the exhibit, EllaKate and I read with a little boy in third grade, and ate lunch with Rosemary. We had made skeleton cupcakes for her class the night before, so Rosemary gave her class one. Everyone at school thought EllaKate was a cute little Minnie Mouse. We had a really fun time!

Court Readoption For EK

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Yesterday we went to court and met with Judge Jackson to have our official papers signed. We were taken to the courtroom first, which the girls thought was so cool and answered many questions. He asked us to fill out a part of the paperwork that he was to sign. He asked us to come back to his chambers when we were finished. We were taken back there by his assistant and the sheriff. His chambers were very beautiful.

We sat a big table while Judge Jackson looked over our paperwork. He signed it and told us our adoption was approved. He sat and talked to the girls about lots of things and that made them feel very special. Both the judge and the sheriff teased them about not being in school. Judge Jackson asked if we would like to take some pictures and we were so excited. He suggested we stand in front of the bookcases. EllaKate even let him hold her in a few of them. We now have Ella again, as if all the things we did in China were not enough. We are her official forever family and will be receiving her Georgia Birth Certificate very soon. On the way home, the girls talked about all the amazing experiences we had had together as a family over the past two years. If it is God's will for our family, we sure pray we can start over and live it all again!!!

The Spa Party

Monday, October 23, 2006

Savannah's SS class had a spa party Saturday night at Amy's house. Amy was the spa coordinator and did a fantastic job! The girls loved it. Amelia was at a SS bowling party but came later.
Rosie, Ella, and myself all went. Rosie got to participate, and so did Amelia when she arrived.
Everyone looked beautiful and refreshed when it was all said and done. Ella enjoyed hanging our with her best friend, Grace Anne.

EK's 18 mth Checkup

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Today we went to see Dr. Morgan for EllaKate's 18 month check-up. She cried of course as soon as she saw the nurse. The nurse measured her weight, height, and head circumference first, which were all in the 10-25 percentile. Weight= 21.9 lb. Height= 31" Head Cir= 46"
We waited on Dr. Morgan for about an hour, so it was great that I brought in some books to read. Dr. Morgan checked EllaKate out and said she looked great! Ella got two shots: Hep A and Flu. I hope she doesn't run a fever tonight. I did give her some motrin when we got home, and she is taking her afternoon nap right now. All in all, it was a good visit.

Happy 70th Pop

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

On Saturday, we were in Hartwell to celebrate my dad's 70th birthday. What a great day! My sister, Marcia, Jason and Amy, and my brother, John were all there along with their families. We took my dad to a new restaurant in Hartwell called Sibblings. We thought that was quite appropriate. We all had a great meal, took a few pictures, and went back to their house for the party. We had chocolate cake and opened presents. John gave daddy a skill saw, and the rest of us chipped in to get a year of cable tv. Daddy was excited, and it is to be installed Wednesday, his real birthday! We are so thankful to celebrate this milestone birthday with daddy and mama. We look forward to many more healthy ones!!!
*Click on this picture, then click slideshow, and watch the pictures from the party.

Also, we wanted everyone to know Mrs. Ankerich, Scott's mom, has been put back in the hospital. She is very weak and in a lot of pain. We are praying she will be more comfortable today. She has certainly been a trooper through this entire ordeal. We pray God's richest blessings on her life!!!

SW Visit

Friday, October 13, 2006

After an adoptive family has been home for 6 months, they are visited by their social worker for a homestudy update report. Our social worker, Heather Collingwood came out for our visit yesterday afternoon. It was a great visit. She is so nice and easy to be around. She went up and took a look at the girls' rooms, especially to see where EllaKate is sleeping now. Heather asked many questions about our family life now with EllaKate as well as ones about Ella's development. She was amazed at the clarity with which Ella speaks. We certainly think she speaks well, but we are here with her everyday and understand most all she says. We had to give her some updated photos for the report too. Heather took time to look at the albums we have created from our China trip as well as our 2006 family book and EllaKate's baby book. The report will be written and sent to China so CCAA and the orphanage can see EllaKate's new family. Heather will be out for our final visit at the one year mark; right around Ella's second birthday.

It's Offical

Monday, October 9, 2006

Savannah received her acceptance to North Georgia State College and University on Friday. She was at a conference so I called to tell her she had gotten a very important looking packet in the mail. She begged me to open it and read it to her on the phone. I did and she just cried happy tears. She is very relieved to have this acceptance. We are very proud of her!!!

Pumpkin Patch and EK 18 months old

Saturday, October 7, 2006

We are all in awe that EllaKate is 18 months old today!!! We have also been home 6 months today as well. Ella has grown and changed so much over the past months. She has really begun to show off her personality and her strong will. She is so loving and tells us, "wuv you!".

To celebrate Ella's special day, we took her and the girls to eat Mexican and then to the pumpkin patch. What a fun time!!! EllaKate loved walking through the pumpkins touching them and running from us. She rode in a wagon and jumped in the moonwalk. All the girls chose a pumpkin to bring home so they can have a pumpkin carving night. Ella gets so excited when we drive past all the pumpkin patches near us, so she really thought this was a great treat!!!

This is also the weekend of the Chinese Moon Festival which is one the most important holidays in China. All the families get together for big family reunions. When the full moon rises, families get together to watch the full moon, eat moon cakes, and sing moon poems. It is said that families look up at the moon and think about love ones far away. I am sure EllaKate's birth mom looked up in the sky to think about her. I am praying that the birth mom can have a peace that EllaKate is so happy and has the best forever family. I am also thinking of all the wonderful people that took care of Ella before we got to China to get her.

October 1st Friday

Friday, October 6, 2006

We enjoyed a wonderful group of people last evening @ the October First Friday. Everyone spent time getting to know each other and share the progress of their adoption. The girls had some great friends to hang out with. EllaKate had a new friend over named Rebecca. They were both 18 months old and really played well together. Rebecca is waiting on a brother that is to be adopted from China sometime soon. It was a really fun evening!!!