Hartwell Visit

Saturday, September 30, 2006

Last Saturday after we left the CCAI reunion, we headed to Hartwell to visit with our families. Scott's mom has been out of the hospital for about 2 weeks now so we went by to see her.
My sister, Marcia, and her two children were there from Summerville, SC as well. Jason and Amy were there too. We enjoyed being outside so the kids could ride the four wheeler and the golf cart. EllaKate really loves the golf cart!!! Mama and Marcia cooked a great dinner of vegetables right out of the garden. It was a wonderful day!!!

CCAI Reunion

On Saturday, our family took EllaKate to the CCAI reunion in Mableton, Georgia. It was a great experience! We arrived about 10:00am and registered. Dick Dietz, GA CCAI Director, greeted us hugs and bracelets. We looked at a photo board where we saw EllaKate's picture and many of the Georgia adopted children from this year. We also met and talked with CCAI's founders, Josh and Lily. They were so kind and wanted to hold EllaKate. She went right to them and we made some great pictures.
EllaKate was able to participate in a citizenship ceremony in which a judge congratulated them about becoming American citizens. All the children went up on the stage to say the pledge and sing the national anthem.
There were many fun things for the kids to do. They got their faces painted and posed for an artist who drew their cartoon portraits. Chinese dancers were there and EllaKate watched them without moving. She loved the music!

We enjoyed a delicious picnic lunch on the lawn as well as talking to many families with Chinese children. It was a special day to see all the precious children that had been blessed with families through our CCAI agency. Josh and Lily reported as of this month, 7000 children had been placed in forever families!!!

Because I am often stressing about loading pictures to the blog, I am going to make it a weekend thing. If there is something really major during the week, I will post then. So for now, I will post again, next Sunday. Have a great week!!!

EK's New Wagon

Friday, September 29, 2006

EllaKate got a new wagon to take last weekend to the CCAI reunion. She absolutely loves it! When we go out in the mornings to walk, she wants to ride in the wagon instead of the stroller. I usually come home from our walk and take her on a wagon ride too!

6 Months Home

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

EllaKate ShuangJiang Ankerich has had a forever family for six months today! We are so amazed at how much she has learned and changed over the months. She is precious and adorable!!!

by Cathy Lopes

Our little china doll, over a year we have had to wait,
to finally hold in our arms, our precious EllaKate.

It's amazing how far away love can grow,
for a little girl we didn't even know.

This desire, where did it come from, how did it start?
For we loved you before the first beat of your heart.

The miles did not seem to matter, when it comes to God's plan,
He kept you safe until we got there, in the palm of His hand.

From the orphanage in China to the United States,
an exciting new life for you awaits!

Our features may be different, and that is ok,
for it is God's will, He wanted it that way.

Welcome home EllaKate ,there are so many people to meet,
for we want everyone to know the little girl
That has make The Ankerich family complete!!!

We have truely been blessed by this precious little girl! Thank you Jesus for Your blessed plan for our lives!!!

North Georgia Visit

On Saturday we took Savannah up to Dahlonega to visit North Georgia. We took a tour around the campus and met some really nice people. Savannah liked the school and has turned in her application. This picture was a really great one because it shows how Savannah and Amelia look like twins.Most families had one child with them, while we had the whole family including a baby in a stroller. Savannah was so sweet letting us all tag along! We hope to visit Georgia College in a couple of weeks and compare the two schools. What an amazing thought that we are getting ready to let one fly from the nest. We pray God's wind of blessings will pick her up and allow her to soar in His will.

Last Day of Summer

Friday, September 22, 2006

Where has the time gone? EllaKate has experienced her first summer in America. Every morning after getting up in summer or getting the girls off to school, she and I have headed off for our morning run. It is one of favorite times of the day. She used to fall asleep, but now she enjoys looking around for all the things she can see. When we get home, she likes to walk around outside. Today I took few pictures to record some of her favorite things to do.

Youth Bowling Party

Monday, September 18, 2006

On Saturday night, we went bowling with our senior class at Oasis Bowling. It was a fun time to hang out and get to know each other better.
We had lots of kids there, but we missed many that were working. We will be having an outing with them every 3rd Saturday of the month. We look forward to all the great memories made together this last year of high school.
Even EllaKate had friends, Grace Anne and Kate, there to hang out with. We had a great time!!

EK 17 Months Old

Sunday, September 17, 2006

We can't believe our baby is 17 months old. Time is flying by!!! She has cut 2 molars and 1 eye tooth over the past two weeks. She is still working on the other 2 molars. We are on our way to church this past Sunday in this picture. EllaKate has on her new Sunday shoes. She really likes how shiny they look. We also got her the cutest pair of tennis shoes- brown and pink. She always wants her shoes on when we are going some where.

I think I have told you how amazed I was that the Sunday School teachers sat EllaKate and her little friends in little tiny chairs at a table to eat a snack the first morning we took her. Well.... this past Sunday was no different. As soon as I took EK in, she began to cry and hold onto me tight!!! They peeled her off of me, and I walked out to watch her through the window. The teachers immediately sat her at the table with some crackers. EK stopped crying, and I went to SS. When I came back to pick her up, Ms. Sara told me she was sitting on the floor playing with the other children when she looked over and saw EK fall out of her little chair. Ms. Sara rushed over to realize EK had fallen asleep in the chair causing her to fall to the floor. The teachers scooped her up and EK was asleep again before they could sit down in the rocker with her. Well... I told Scott it took a lot of courage for the teachers to tell me that story, but it took even more for me to hear it and want to take her back. She did go back Sunday night without incident I am happy to report. She didn't even cry that much when they took her from me to go play. What a precious baby!!!

Back to School Retreat

Wednesday, September 6, 2006

We went to the Billy Graham Cove Camp in Asheville, NC with our youth group from FBC Duluth to the annual Back to School Retreat (B2SR). We left on Friday evening and stayed until Monday morning. As you can see, EllaKate was wonderful- she slept where ever we were!

Jason and Amy were there too! It was wonderful to spend quality time with them. Jason brought the message Saturday night and it was awesome!!! They are really loved by all the kids!!!

As I said, EllaKate slept where ever. Everyone thought she was a wonderful baby!

Early morning faces... I had plenty of diet coke in the car!!!
Our precious daughters! It was like being in China... no distractions of the world- just focused time together with great Christian friends!!! Each one of the girls had a great experience. We were amazed at the things they shared with us when we got home. EllaKate was amazing. We slept together in the bottom bunk each night in the senior girls in their cabin. It was a wonderful trip, but it was great to get home!!!