Rosie's 1st Piano Lesson

Monday, August 21, 2006

We all took Rosie to piano lessons yesterday afternoon. Her teacher is Ms. Donna Babb, and she goes to church with us. She lives in Duluth, near Morgan. Ella Kate listened to music on the way.
Rosie loved Ms. Donna and her first lesson. She got new books and learned many songs. She has lots of things to practice this week. She learned to play Old MacDonald and Ella loves it! We are excited about this new adventure!
When Rosie got in the car to go home, she said Ms. Donna was a great teacher because she explained things so well and showed her what to do. We already look forward to next Tuesday @ 5:00pm.

EK @ Sunday School

Sunday, August 20, 2006

Well, I still can't believe it but we stopped by on Sunday morning to just see what Ella Kate's new SS class looked like. Ms. Sara is a lady that took care of the big girls when they were in the nursery long ago. I was glad to see her so we let EK go in and see what she thought. She sat right down and began playing. The teachers really encouraged us to leave her, so we got a beeper and stood outside the room and watched her through the window for a long time. She was doing great so we went to our SS, (crying of course). Amelia and I decided we would go and check on her afterwards, before service. We were amazed! She was sitting at a little table with her friends eating a cracker. We both had tears again. We decided she was ok so we went to service. We couldn't wait to go pick her up afterwards. When we got back, the teachers couldn't say enough sweet things about her! This picture shows what Ella was doing when we got there - playing with the babies. We were so proud of her and she even went back last night and played while we all went to Bible studies. What a big day for Ella Kate and me!!!!!

First Day of School 2006

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

We are happy to report a very happy first week of school. Savannah left each morning around 6:30 and it took her 30 minutes to travel the three miles to Mill Creek HS. She is excited about all her classes, especially anatomy. She is going to the Body Exhibit @ the Atlanta Civic Center in a couple of weeks.

Rosemary left second @ 8:10. EK and I walked her the bus and saw her off to 5th grade. She has three wonderful teachers!!!- Beth Hendry, Craig Furr, and Stacy Covey. She loves school! The other great news for Rosie is that she starts piano lessons tomorrow after school. She is excited about that too!

Amelia was the last to be off to school. We also walked her down to the bus and she got on about 9:00. She has great teachers too. She is on yearbook this year and is a peer leader. She is excited about those two opportunites. After the bus left, EK and I went on our daily morning walk. It is a nice time to get out and get some fresh air!

Rosie's 11th Birthday

Sunday, August 13, 2006

Rosie invited her friends over for a birthday party last Thursday afternoon. They arrived to eat pizza and then head for Oasis Bowling.

Scott and Morgan took the girls bowling so Ella Kate and I could stay home and take care of Savannah. They all had a blast!

After ice cream cake, they settled down to watch movies. Although... they didn't settle down until about 2am, and by that time, they were too tired to watch movies. Everyone woke up around 8:30 and ate muffins. What a great birthday party!!!

EK's First Haircut

Saturday, August 12, 2006

Before we went to church this morning, we sat Ella Kate on the edge of Scott's sink and gave her a haircut. She played with his watch and sat perfectly still.
Every once in a while, Ella Kate would look at herself in the mirror. She has an amazing amount of new hair growing underneath, so her hair naturally curled right under. She now has the roundest little face with a short bob haircut. What a cutie. Check in tomorrow for pictures from Rosemary's birthday

Savannah's Wisdom Teeth

Friday, August 11, 2006

We went for Savannah's consultation last week. The surgeon suggested we have Savannah's wisdom teeth out immediately, because the lower ones were very close to the nerve. We scheduled the surgery for this past Thursday morning. While I took Rosemary to school for registration, Scott took Savannah to the doctor.

Savannah went back at 9:00, and they drove out of the parking lot at 10:00. Savannah had a very hard time on Thursday and Friday with bleeding and nausea. By yesterday, she was weak and swollen. Today she has felt good.

We are hoping she will be strong enough to make it through the first day of her senior year! She has been a very sweet patient, and we are thankful this is behind her now!!!

August 1st Friday

Saturday, August 5, 2006

We hosted our August First Friday last evening. We were expecting a big crowd and as you can see, we had one. Cindy Robertson from CCAI was there to share with the group. We had 13 families with 7 of them having Chinese daughters (12 in all). Everyone had a chance to share about their family and what brought them to the meeting. It was amazing all the connections we were able to make with each other. We had families ranging from choosing an agency to one that has been home 12 years. We also had two babies, Mary Clare and Emma Katherine, that had first birthdays in July, so we celebrated by singing Happy Birthday to them. We hope to celebrate many more special occasions through the months. We had a great time and already look forword to next time!!!

Summer Music Workshop

Tuesday, August 1, 2006

Every summer our church, First Baptist Duluth, has a Summer Music Workshop for kids 1-6 grade. They go to church each day from 9-3 and learn an entire musical to be performed on Sunday evening. Rosemary tried out for a part and solo and got them. She was the narrator with many lines. She amazed us that she learned them all on her own. We all went to watch the show on Sunday, July 23. It was wonderful. All the music was such a blessing to everyone!