Poor EK

Monday, July 24, 2006

Does this picture say anything to you? Well, Tuesday was the next round of shots for Ella. As SOON as we walked into the exam room, she grabbed around my neck and began to sob furiously!!! She did get 5 shots and had an ear infection on top of that - poor baby. Savannah got 3 shots and Rosie and Amelia both got medicine for congestion and colds. It was a doozy of a visit to say the least!!! This is a picture of EllaKate when we arrived back home that day- she was worn out!!!

Myrtle Beach

We are on vacation in Mrytle Beach, SC. We go every year with Scott's family. We left today @ 7:30am and got here @ 2:00pm. We have rested some and gone to eat seafood already. The girls are at the pool swimming and Ella Kate is checking out this new place. We are so excited to take her to the beach for the first time ever tomorrow!!! She loves the water, so she should enjoy this new expereince - we will see.....

Look What EK Can Do

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Tonight while I was cooking dinner, I noticed Ella Kate had gotten awfully quiet. I looked over and did not see her, but I could hear her rattling some paper. I walked over to the family room, and she was sitting in the big chair looking at my magazine. Of course, I had to see her do it myself, so I grabbed the camera and had her show me how she could get in the chair. Well... take a look. I also got the video camera out too. I will have to make sure she sits still while she is reading.

As many of you know, Ella Kate has not liked her crib from day one, so we took it down this weekend and bought her a twin mattress. It is in our room on the floor, and she has slept on it both nights as well as naptimes. She will stay on the floor until she learns to stay in her bed until we get her - so far so good. She sits and waits for us to get her. She is sleeping very well, although I miss her sleeping close to me every night. Oh well, she still wants me to hold her until she goes to sleep!!! She is a precious baby!!!

Savannah is away this week in Clarkston, GA to help with day camp for refugees that live there. She has done this for five years and loves it so much! Amelia is home helping me with Ella Kate. Rosemary is going to Summer Music Workshop every day. All the kids are learning a musical in one week and will perform on Sunday evening @ 6pm. Rosemary has a solo and a speaking part. Ella Kate is home walking and climbing everywhere. Scott is back at work and had 600 emails to go through this morning. I am so happy to be home and taking care of everyone!!! Blessed beyond belief!!!

World Changers

Monday, July 17, 2006

Well, do you see Scott? Yes, that's him in the big hat. He said it had been great in keeping his head cool and protected from the sun. He was the crew encourager and he had a big job. Most of his crew was young middle schoolers and had never been to World Changers much less on a roof. They had a very big job to get done. The lady that lived there was so sweet and they really enjoyed getting to know her. The temp was very hot and hunid - Scott said the soles of their shoes melted while on the roof each day. They were all required to come down every few minutes and drink water to stay hydrated. It was a long week but a very rewarding one! Scott and the girls can't wait to go backnext year. Rosie, Ella, and I are wondering if we should go with them and ride around to hand out popsicles.... we missed them way to much!!! Glad they are home, the laundry is done, and Scott is back to work. Rosemary has Summer Music workshop beginning today. She has a part and solo with a performance Sunday evening. We are looking forward to it. Then Monday, we are off on VACATION!!!!!

Savannah had a great week!!! This was Savannah's fifth World Changer trip and she said this group of people was her favorite so far. Her group also roofed a house. They were able to finish on Thursday and help other groups. Her crew chief told her that she was in the top four girls he had ever had on his crew in all the years he had been doing World Changers. What a blessing!!!

Off to Marcia's

Saturday, July 15, 2006

We all loaded up on Monday and went by to pick up my mom in Hartwell. We were off to Summerville, SC to visit my sister, Marcia. She lives there with her husband, Chris and two children, Rebecca and Samuel. They live only about 45 minutes from Folly Beach. Chris' mom and dad have a beach house there, so we went down for the day. The big kids had a ball! Ella Kate loved playing in the pool and sitting out on the deck looking out at the ocean. I didn't want her to experience the beach and ocean without Scott and the girls. We will all go to the beach week after next. We had a great time and it helped pass the week as we wait for Scott and the girls to get back from World Changers.

Rosemary, Rebecca, and Samuel loved playing in the sand at Folly. They dug holes and buried their feet all afternoon.

We went by the store on the way to the beach and bought Ella Kate her very on pool. We didn't want to take her to the beach without Scott and the girls, so she stayed at the house and played. She loved it! We will take it to Mrytle Beach when we go week after next.

15 Months Old

Friday, July 7, 2006

Our precious Ella Kate was 15 months on Friday. She is growing so fast and learning so many new things. She is walking quite well on her on - when she wants to. She still crawls a lot to get some where quickly. We celebrate her new age and how well she has adjusted to the American was of life.

Where Have 17 Years Gone?

Tuesday, July 4, 2006

Happy Fourth of July to everyone! This is always a very significant day for our family. The greatest reason is it is Savannah's birthday. She was born on July 4, 1989. The other reason is Scott runs the Peachtree Road Race every year. I have already blogged about that so that brings us to the big birthday.

How have 17 years flown by so fast? You always hear older people say, 'You will turn around and your children will be all grown'. Well, that is exactly what it feels like to know Savannah, our oldest, is now 17 years old. Scott had actually gone to run the race the morning I went to the hospital to have her. Our neighbor took me and Scott was able to run then get to the hospital. Savannah was born that day @ 3:05. One of the greatest days of our lives!!! She is a beautiful and special young lady inside and out. We are so proud of her and all she believes in. We are still in shock that she will be a senoir this year, but look forward to the amazing things God has planned for her life.

Our daughters always want to have a 'family party'. We were so happy to have them all here along with some friends to celebrate Savannah's special day. What a great day!!! Savannah's life has been blessed by them all.

Peachtree Road Race

As tradition would have it, we all traveled down to Atlanta for the annual Peachtree Road Race.We went down with Cathy and Jeff Lopes' family. We all got on Marta at Chamblee and went downtown. Scott, Jeff, and Morgan got off to run and the rest of us went to the Art Building to wait for them to run by. We were so happy to see them when they all made it to us safe and sound. It was a pretty hot day. Rosemary had injured her foot at the gym on Monday night so someone had to carry her th whole time. She was a real trooper- she didn't want to stay home and miss the tradition. Ella Kate was great too! She watched, ate, and slept! We had a great morning!!!