The Newest Update

Saturday, December 31, 2005

Happy New Year's Eve! I am feeling better today. We were able to renew our fingerprints yesterday so that is updated now. We have a 15 month extention. I have already been online today reading the newest posts on my maillist and this is the newest prediction:

THIS IS FROM THE APRIL BOARD: My agency has been with a skeleton crew these past couple of weeks.I called and left a message on Monday, asking for the director of our agency to get back to me with any info. She was unaware of the latest set of referrals because we have no-one in our group that has a LID between April 15 and April 25.She contacted her coordinator in China (in direct contact with CCAA) and he got back to her today.The news I got back from her was that CCAA wanted to send out something before the first of the new year, so they sent out this current small batch. Then, immediately after sending this current batch, CCAA went to work on the next batch of referrals.According to my agency's director, we are to expect another Stork Alert during the first week of January. The referrals will be from April 25-May 12 LIDs, and agencies should get them by the second week of January.Keep in mind two things....First, my agency's director is very tight lipped, so I believe her when she says anything at all. It's also a smaller agency for what it's worth, but the China Coordinator is from China and lives there full time.Second, obviously, CCAA can do anything and not follow this projected schedule, so nothing is set in stone till the referrals are on their way.I might be taking it all back in two weeks, so don't flame me if I'm wrong...I'll just sit quietly in the corner and eat my words. But I thought I'd pass on what I was told by my agency director.

Needless to say, I now have another moment on which to wait! I know the Chinese New Year celebration lasts through the first half of February, so all adoption business is shut down. We are not sure how that will affect our travel date. I am certainly not worried about that right now!!! I just want to see her face, and be able to send her some things from our family. Thanks for your continued prayers as we wait for our sweet little Ella Kate!

News: Good or Not so Good

Thursday, December 29, 2005

Today, we read an update on the CCAI website that some April matches had been mailed. CCAI is unsure of how many days are included. There was a rumor on one maillist that the referrals only go to April 20. That would mean ours is not in the batch. A CCAI representative has predicted that the rest of April referrals will come sometime in late January. I cannot imagine that they have only matched 6 days worth but it looks that way. There was talk that the end of April was extremely heavy and this has made it take so long for the matches to be made. I'm not sure what to believe. I will continue checking the CCAA website in China for further updates and hope for the best. I keep telling myself that we will get Ella in God's perfect timing and I still believe that with all my heart!

New Fingerprints

Friday, December 23, 2005

We have a LID (Log in Date) of April 27. We were required to have fingerprints during the long paper chase. They will expire March 3 and we are not sure we will be back in US by that date; therefore, we must have them redone. We are sending our money and request today and hopefully will get an invitation to come to the office very soon.

As I have read my yahoo maillists this morning, there have been rumors within other agencies around the US that CCAA will be processing only the rest of April referrals in January. They report we should know by January 4. Who knows? There is also reports that the CCAA office in China is moving the first few days of January and everyone is hoping the referrals will be mailed before they move so there will not be a delay. If there would be a good time to wait, it would be now. The Christmas season is my favorite time of the year and it is fun to have something so wonderful to look forward to in January!!! Can't wait to see our precious Ella Kate!!!

It's True

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

I checked the CCAA website this morning and it is reported that the batch of referrals in the mail go to April 25. We missed it by two days. I had held out hope that it was a rumor but... Anyway, we will continue to wait.

On another note, we received our appointment letter for new fingerprints yesterday and we are going to try to run down today and get that done. I have spent the last few days washing and getting all of Ella Kate's clothes and things ready for travel. I finished shopping for all the medications we will need to take and now have a big container of stuff that we need to take with us. I am trying to stay busy although school starts back in a few days.

The Beginning

Sunday, December 18, 2005

We are Scott and Sharon Ankerich. We have three daughters and live in Dacula, Georgia. Savannah is our 16 year old and is a junior at Mill Creek High. Amelia is 13 and a seventh grader at Osborne Middle. Rosemary is our 10 year old fourth grader at Duncan Creek Elementary. I am a Kindergarten teacher at Duncan Creek and plan to take a maternity leave when we travel to China. Scott is the Director of Program Management and Customer Service at Scientific Atlanta.

We have been on this journey since October, 2004. This is our story:

The dream of Ella Kate grew from the desire to have another baby to the promise of a precious Chinese daughter. We have already been blessed with 3 beautiful daughters, and they have always wanted another sibling.In July 2004, Savannah, our 16 year old, purchased a CD by Steven Curtis Chapman. She was so touched by the song about his adopted Chinese daughter and wanted Scott and I to hear it.One night Scott came home and said I just had to listen to the song. I told him he had to read an article Savannah had found in a Christian Music Magazine. While I listened to the song, Scott read the article. They were about the love God has placed in the Chapmans to adopt 3 Chinese daughters. We both were humbled by God's amazing plan. God had led Savannah to talk to us and then He opened our hearts to begin praying about adoption.We discovered Steven Curtis Chapman was coming to Atlanta for a concert and immediately got tickets. His concert was totally dedicated to informing the crowd of his experience with adoption. We were sure God was speaking to us.We began researching agencies. In October, we were at a gymnastics meet and spotted the cutest little girl. I got up the nerve to talk to the mom, Cathie Zinn, and asked her about the little girl. Her name was Madison, and she was precious. We spent the next four hours hearing about their trip to China. The amazing part was that they had received their second referral the day before and had sent the acceptance letter that morning. We were able to see the pictures of their new baby, Hannah. After that experience, we were sure CCAI would be the agency we chose.In October, we went to our first CCAI meeting and started the process. Our LID date was April 27, and we are patiently awaiting the news of our precious Ella Kate and our adventure to China.

We had thought we would have Ella Kate with us for Christmas but we are told by the office in Colorado that our referral should be in the January batch. We went to the Steven Curtis Chapman concert on Friday night and were able to meet a woman that had just received her match picture. Her daughter was beautiful! We know that God has the plan and perfect timing for us to get Ella Kate. He is so awesome and His love endures forever!

We plan to take the girls with us! We have met with their teachers and they agree this will be a monumental event in the life of our family. There is no way I could ever recreate the moment we see, touch, talk to, and hold our precious baby! They need to be there to experience this incredible miracle God is blessing us with! Gothcha Day will be the greatest day of their lives for a long time to come!!!

Jeremiah 29:11-14